How does Augmented Reality work?

In this tutorial we will see how augmented reality works, we will also see what it is and what we need to enter this new world. If you want to learn more about the topic of augmented reality, I invite you to continue reading this article.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is virtual objects transferred to the physical world. This is done thanks to technological devices such as webcams, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, among other devices.

Thanks to the interface, the user can see virtual objects in the physical world through technological devices. Therefore, Augmented Reality allows us to replace the virtual world with the real world, offers us a real-time interaction, adapts to the environment and in some cases can interact with these virtual elements.

How does Augmented Reality work?

For Augmented Reality to work properly, we need three requirements that must be met if we want the integration of the real world with the virtual world. The first requirement we need is to have a real object to work with so that the virtual object is rendered in 2D or 3D modelling. Thanks to this real object we find in our world, if we focus on it with a technological device, we can see the virtual object through our screens.

The second requirement we need for Augmented Reality to work is to have a device with a camera. We need a built-in camera to be able to transmit the image of the real object. The last requirement to have Augmented Reality is to have software that is responsible for interpreting the signal transmitted by the camera. That is, it is transmitted to the software, which receives the image through the real object and combines it with 3D projections.

The Differences Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two different things even though it seems like we are talking about the same thing. Virtual reality is a completely virtual world that does not integrate with the real world. This means that we do not need anything from the real world connected to the virtual world.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have in common that a device is required to access them. Augmented reality is a world where everything that happens in our real environment is changed, thus allowing us to play video games, watch videos, see scenarios where we can perform different actions.

What is Augmented Reality used for?

Augmented Reality currently has many uses, and companies are even choosing this new form to advertise their products. By finding Augmented Reality in video games where this technology is more advanced, we can achieve a new gaming experience.

We also find Augmented Reality in glasses such as Google Glass, Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses. These glasses offer users the ability to view virtual materials in the real world. Another way to use Augmented Reality is in fashion, it gives users the opportunity to try on clothes virtually. In advertising, they also use Augmented Reality to grab users’ attention. With this new method, they try to connect people to the products that companies sell.

Materials for Augmented Reality

To be able to see and interact with Augmented Reality, you need to have a set of objects, because without them you cannot run Augmented Reality. The items you must have are:


The first very important device that can run Augmented Reality is a camera. What the camera will do is capture images of the real world to guide the virtual world.


We need to have a processor, because this element is responsible for combining images and then working with information to create Augmented Reality through real images and information from the virtual world.


We need software because it is a computer or logical element that manages all previous operations of the camera and processor.

Image output

We need a screen to see what’s going on, because without the screen we won’t be able to see Augmented Reality. Since our mobile devices have a camera, processor, software and also a screen, it is easy to get an image output.

Global Positioning System

Thanks to GPS, we can see the location that allows us to move to see the visual components as we approach or move away from it. By doing these movements, we will be able to see the virtual object in a larger or smaller way as it gets closer or further away.

Guide Points

Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality needs physical guide points in the real world to work. These guide points serve as a reference to show the virtual world on the screen of our device.

With all this, we end the Augmented Reality article. Now you know what it is, how it works, and what you need to make it work.