Best browser for Android 2024

The web browser is one of the most used applications today, both on computers and mobile devices such as Android. After all, we access endless content with it. Therefore, it can be very useful to know which are the best browsers for Android at your fingertips from the app store. We look at the best browsers for Android that you can use for free.

We add the best browsers for Android in the sections below. Each of them has its own characteristics and special functions that are worth highlighting. We tell you what the advantages of each of these browsers are so that you can choose the browser that suits you best on your mobile device.

Google Chrome

Chrome browser

What can we say about Google Chrome? It is an excellent browser on Android, Windows and even macOS. With it, you will enjoy maximum integration with Google services, fast and efficient navigation and instant synchronization of your data. Additional features include incognito mode, article suggestions based on your personal preferences, and full website downloads for offline browsing. It is even possible to search for information on the Internet with your voice. It’s definitely a very complete browser that you already have on your device. It is a free option with no in-app purchases.

Mozilla Firefox

firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox has lost significant market share in recent years. Still, it’s still one of the best options if you want your content like bookmarks, passwords or tabs to be synced across different devices. On the other hand, it is open source and its developer is Mozilla, a non-profit foundation. Both details are of great interest to users trying to increase privacy while surfing the web.

Note that Firefox is not only available on desktop and mobile devices. It’s also a great browser for your tablet and media player. Yes, it is a browser compatible with Android TV and Fire TV. This way it will be easier for you to send content to such devices. It is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

Microsoft Edge

edge browser

One of the reasons Firefox is losing users is Microsoft Edge rise. The company does a good job on desktop with web browser. This has caused many users to download it on Android as well. If what you want is full synchronization of your information between Windows and your mobile, Edge is one of the best options available for you. It includes an aggregation system where you can store web pages by theme, tracking blocking and follower blocking. It’s even possible to activate an ad blocker to remove traces of unwanted ads. As always with this type of software, it’s free, no ads, and no additional purchases.


DuckDuckGo browser

The browser that doesn’t track you DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused Android browser also. Among its main virtues, we cite the use of an ad-tracking blocker, encryption protection and its own search engine. All these anti-tracking measures contribute to a modern, minimalist interface. Again, this is a free browser with no ads.

Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet

Samsung‘s work with its browser is impressive . Before continuing, it should be said that the design lines it offers are closely related to the OneUI customization layer. But this is a browser that you can use on any Android device. Along with it, you get important features like full dark mode, the ability to install extensions, and syncing with a Samsung account. A beta version is also available in the app store if you want to try the latest features before everyone else.



With a look at the possibilities of Chromium-based Kiwi for Android we close this review of the best browsers. One of its main advantages is that it is compatible with most extensions in the Chrome Web Store. According to its creators, it is a fast browser that lets you navigate by activating a dark mode with pure blacks. Other positive aspects are its translator for more than 60 languages, a personalized download folder and notification blocking. We can say that this is an advanced Chrome that you can download for free from the app store.