The best free DNS servers

DNS servers are one of the indispensable building blocks for the functioning of the internet. If there is no DNS, it is not possible to access the internet. While internet service providers or ISPs provide a default DNS server to their users, in some cases it is more beneficial to use an alternative DNS server.

In this article you can find best free DNS servers that you can use as an alternative DNS. All of the DNS addresses listed here are free and provided for general use.

There are four most important things to keep in mind before changing DNS. First of all, they offer a reliable connection. Although most DNS servers are said to work smoothly, not all of them can provide the required performance. The second isspeed as it plays a vital role in speeding up internet activity. The third is to provide protection against attacks. Finally, the service provides the necessary shield for your personal information with the privacy features it offers.

While many free DNS servers are fully equipped to deliver reliable performance and even protect data thanks to basic features like firewall policies, filtering, and rate limiting and blocking to block DDoS attacks, they are often not as good as paid DNS services. Below you can find today’s best free DNS addresses.

Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest companies working in web performance and security. The Cloudflare DNS service, which the company has been offering since 2018, is one of the best free and public DNS servers you can use right now.

This DNS service never records your IP address. The company even hires an independent company to conduct an annual audit of its systems to ensure they are meeting their privacy commitments. Secondly, their DNS servers are known to be quite fast compared to other DNS providers.

IP Addresses for DNS:

Google Public DNS

The Google Public DNS service is probably one of the most popular free and public DNS servers in the world. Launched in 2009, Google Public DNS aims to make the internet more reliable and secure. Overall, Google Public DNS is a very good option for anyone looking to try a third-party DNS server.

Google Public DNS protects users from various phishing attacks and offers a faster connection. Google uses Anycast routing to find the closest server for data interaction, ensuring you receive information as quickly as possible. Google Public DNS also supports IPv6 addresses.

IP Addresses for DNS:


OpenDNS is a free, public DNS server provided by Cisco, a giant in networking. It not only provides you with tools to access the internet quickly and securely, but also prevents attacks from shoddy and clone websites and blocks phishing websites.

OpenDNS uses Anycast routing to direct your connection to the nearest DNS servers to deliver faster page load times. OpenDNS also comes with self-healing technologies, with servers spread across three continents. Self-healing technology, designed to fail-safe nearly every aspect of the system, delivers a highly reliable connection.

IP Addresses for DNS:

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is a very reliable DNS address that runs on the company’s worldwide network of DNS servers. The DNS service offered by Comodo provides a much faster and more reliable internet connection than a default DNS.

Comodo Secure DNS also keeps users safe with its malicious domain filtering feature. Secure DNS consults a real-time block list of malicious websites and warns visitors when they try to access a site with potentially threatening content.

IP Addresses for DNS:

Quad9 DNS

Quad9 DNS is another free, public DNS server that you can use to divert your traffic on the network away from the default DNS servers. Quad9 routes your DNS queries through a secure worldwide network of servers.

The system uses threat intelligence from industry-leading cybersecurity companies to provide real-time insight into website threat analysis. When DNS servers find an infected or cloned website, they block your connection so your device and data stay safe.

IP Addresses for DNS:


CleanBrowsing is for users, especially parents, who want a safe experience online. As the name suggests, CleanBrowsing protects you from phishing websites and malicious domains, as well as allowing you to block adult content.

You can use the “Safety, Adult and Family” tiers for free. With security-themed DNS, you can restrict malicious activity on your home network. The other two themes also come with all the features of Security-themed DNS, but you can also block explicit content in the Adult one. Finally, with the Family theme, you can make your network safe for your family and children.

IP Addresses for DNS: (Security) – (Adult) – (Family)


UncensoredDNS, based in Denmark, promises to be safe for those looking for a free DNS. With good security and performance enhancing features, it helps you surf the internet without any restrictions and also fend off common attacks.

UncensoredDNS has a reliable privacy policy. The company claims that it does not record any data about either users or the use of the service. You can rely on it to let you surf the internet or access any restricted content without any hassle.

IP Addresses for DNS:

Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS offers surprisingly good speed, and many users have given positive feedback for its reliability and server uptime. Alternate DNS has features to block ads, trackers, harmful websites, and of course adult content.

Apart from this, Alternate DNS is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, so if you want better speed, you can opt for IPv6 DNS server. If you are looking for a free DNS server that has good performance and comes with all the standard features, Alternate DNS is a good choice.

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