Best iOS 17 features: Uncover iOS 17 hidden features

These are the best-kept secrets of iOS 17, cool features that Apple didn't talk about during its presentation.

We already have iOS 17 with us after Apple’s official presentation, the new iPhone operating system comes with some interesting features, and many secrets that few know. Unfortunately, the iPhones compatible with iOS 17 have been reduced, so not all users will be able to enjoy all these new features.

iOS 17 is expected to be officially released after the summer, although it is true that the iOS 17 developer beta can already be tested on the iPhone. In addition, we are only before the first beta, surely many more news will come in the next updates.


Secrets of iOS 17 that you did not know

iOS 17 comes with many improvements that we were able to see during its presentation, but there are also other hidden secrets that Apple did not talk about. Here are some of the best hidden features in iOS 17:

  • iOS 17 lets you create a voice that sounds like you
  • The iOS 17 Photos app features a one-touch crop button to zoom.
  • Apple Music launches collaborative lists, so that passengers can add their songs when using SharePlay in the car and any of them can control the playback.
  • iOS 17 widgets are now interactive, so we can pause music or turn off a smart bulb without having to enter the app.
    ios 17 widget
    Finally, interactive widgets come to the iPhone with iOS 17
  • Visual Browser now works with paused video frames.
  • Enhanced AutoFill allows you to securely use information saved from Contacts to fill in a PDF or scanned document.
  • Siri can be activated simply by saying “Siri” instead of the classic “Hey Siri.”
  • Maps lets you download a map of a specific area and get turn-by-turn directions, check estimated time of arrival, find places, and more offline.
    ios 17 map
    You can crop any area of the map to use it offline
  • The Health app offers new features related to mental health. You can record your mood each day and your emotions at certain times and easily access evaluation criteria for depression and anxiety.
  • In iOS 17, AirTags can be shared with up to five people so family and friends can keep track of an object with Find My.
  • In Safari you can protect your open tabs in private browsing with Face ID.
  • The People album in the Photos app is better than ever for recognizing your favorite people, including cats and dogs that are also part of your family.
  • We have 3 new Memoji Stickers.
    ios 17 memoji
    These three Memoji stickers arrive with iOS 17
  • AirPlay is now more powerful and sharing content is even easier.
  • The Home app now shows users the history of their locks, garage doors, alarm systems, and contact sensors for the past 30 days.
  • The Reminders app incorporates in iOS 17 a shopping list that classifies products by category.
  • iOS 17 can automatically delete messages with verification codes.

These are some of the secrets that iOS 17 keeps. The new iPhone operating system can be defined as a continuous update, very similar to iOS 16 but with some useful new features.