Can NVMe be used in M2 slot?

What happens if you plug an M.2 NVMe SSD into an M.2 SATA port? With the right adapter, you will make a huge improvement to your equipment, saving half the cost without losing performance.

An SSD is connected via SATA or PCIe. M.2 is NVMe PCIe or can be SATA III (or M.2 with B M connection or Simple SSD M.2 SATA).

It’s best to use the M.2 port as it allows you to plug a second drive into the 8″ SATA III port, which can be up to a 2.5TB SSD or mechanical. Both slots connect disks at the same SATA III speed.

Can NVMe be installed instead of M2 Sata?

The M2 slot allows for a variety of disk types depending on the motherboard, in these cases the real advantage is not in SATA disks with M2 connections, but in NVME disks with M2 slots.

There it connects directly to the PCIE bus and achieves much higher speeds. For a SATA it can be between 4000 and 600 Mb per second compared to 2000, on average 4 to 5 times faster, this is no small thing.

Note that on motherboards with several M2 slots, data lines may be shared with a SATA port. It is recommended that you consult the motherboard’s user manual in this regard.