Can you wipe your phone with wet wipes?

It is important to pay attention to the lenses of the phone’s camera and avoid some cleaning practices that may damage photos.

The camera has become the most important element of a smartphone, as almost everyone agrees. Thanks to photographic equipment, mobile phones can deliver results that were difficult to imagine decades ago. If we want to choose the best possible photos with our phone, it is highly recommended that we take into account a number of aspects regarding cleaning the sensors.

A dirty lens can cause blurry effects in the image and perhaps ruin a photo that can never be taken again, so it might be a good idea to make sure to clean it from time to time to avoid possible unpleasantness in the future. When it comes to cleaning sensors, certain actions should be performed and, above all, some should be avoided.

How to clean a phone camera?

Since it is instinctive, it is common to use our own finger directly in cases where we detect some dirt. Even though it is clean in appearance, the truth is that we will make the situation worse, almost certainly spreading the dirt already present on the lens and getting oil or body sweat on it as well.

Using saliva or blowing on the target is also not a good thing. While blowing, we can accidentally release saliva onto the lens, and the acids in our saliva can damage the protective layer applied to the lens on smartphones.

Similarly, using wet wipes when cleaning a smartphone camera also damages the camera lenses.

Knowing the above, let’s move on to what we need to do to clean the cameras of our smartphone. It’s best to use this combination: a dry microfiber cloth and some water. Lightly wet the cloth and carefully clean the sensor. Even better than water will be a special liquid for cleaning windows, because they contain components that will easily remove stubborn traces of grease or dirt. However, if we don’t have it, water can be a valid solution.