Why can’t I see my friend’s profile picture WhatsApp?

Being blocked is not the only reason for not seeing a contact's photo on WhatsApp!

When we cannot see a contact’s photo on WhatsApp, we tend to believe that there is only one reason. And it’s not true. There are at least five reasons why these images are not available in our chat and it does not always have to do with the refusal of the other to communicate with us.

Seeing the photo of most of the people we communicate with on WhatsApp is part of the ritual of having a conversation. However, while most of us want to show our best face and even share some additional photos in WhatsApp states that offer more and more options, others, for different reasons, prefer to limit the information they share, including this “requirement”.

Why can’t you see the profile picture on WhatsApp? Below we share five reasons why you cannot see your contact’s profile photo and the steps so that you can opt for some of these yourself if you need to.

1. The user deleted their WhatsApp profile photo

If you can no longer see a contact’s profile photo on WhatsApp, it is likely that you have deleted their profile photo by going to WhatsApp Settings.

2. Your contact has set their profile picture visibility to ‘Nobody’

Another option is that the person has simply set the privacy of their profile photo to “Nobody”, so none of their contacts can access it. This option is available from the WhatsApp Settingsn> Privacy > Profile photo > Nobody.

3. You are not part of the contact list

Many users set their profile picture privacy to contacts only. As a result, only people added to the contact list on your iPhone or Android phone can see your WhatsApp profile picture.

If you were previously able to see this person’s photo and no longer, then your contact may have removed you from their Contacts app. And that is why WhatsApp no longer shows you their profile picture.

4. You are blocked

This is the most obvious reason for not seeing a profile picture on WhatsApp. Although it is one of the easiest reasons to check when trying to send a message without success. To block a person on WhatsApp, just go to WhatsApp Settings > Privacy > Blocked > Add new and select the contact.

In addition to this, you can also tap on the person’s name or mobile number from the top of the chat screen and press Block name/number.

5. Your contact deleted their WhatsApp account

Although it is not the most popular reason, it is always a possibility. To delete a WhatsApp account, just go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Delete my account.

Over the years, WhatsApp has released features focused on privacy, precisely designed to limit the information we share with strangers, such as the ability to limit who can see our photos and not only in the profile, but in the chat as well.