How to change photo format on iPhone?

Changing the format of photos on Apple’s mobile operating system iOS is very simple. The iPhone processor is so smart that it can convert the format of the photo to one of the supported formats in a very short processing time.

On iPhone, photos are taken in HEIC and JPEG formats. HEIC is in many ways a superior format to JPG, but it is not the most compatible format. You can enable the photos to be taken as JPEG from the iPhone settings. You can refer to the iPhone JPEG making guide on how to do this.

Make iPhone photo PNG

You can change photos between HEIC, HEIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG-2000, BMP formats by following this guide. You don’t need an application other than Apple’s software for this.

1. First, run the application called Shortcuts in your application library. If you deleted it later, you can get the app from the Apple Store.

2. Within the Shortcuts app, tap the + sign at the top right and start a new shortcut.

3. Write a name for the shortcut so you can understand what it serves later.

4. Add action “Select Photos” by tapping “Add Action” button.

5. Then expand the action by tapping the right arrow on the side. Restrict it to only “images” in the “include” section. Enable “Select more than one”.

6. Find and add the “Convert image” action from “Search for apps and actions” at the bottom of the app. Then change the target image type to convert from JPG to “Always ask”.

7. Finally, add the “Save to photo album” action from the same place.

8. Our shortcut is ready! Tap the x icon in the top right and close the shortcut editing screen. Now run the shortcut and select the photos you want to convert and tap the “add” button. You will now be asked which format you want to convert to. Answer that too and you can find the new photo in the album!