How to check Apple Watch if original?

Apple devices are very popular and that is why they are also the most imitated. And Apple Watch is one of the relatively “easy” devices to emulate, we have a lot of copies and clones on the market and this can confuse many users.

That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to find out if an Apple Watch is original or fake. By following these steps, you will not be fooled by fake products.

1. Serial number check

It is the first step in verifying that an Apple device is genuine. Fortunately, every product Apple sells has a serial number that can be easily checked on its official website. With this number, you will know everything about the device, down to which model it was purchased from.

The Apple Watch serial number can be checked from the iPhone it is connected to, but this is unlikely to be done in most cases. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. Remove the strap from Apple Watch.
  2. The serial number is displayed inside the recess closest to the Digital Crown.
  3. Go to this Apple website and enter the serial number
  4. If it is an original Apple Watch, the model and many information will appear.

If there is no serial number or the Apple website states that it is not a valid serial number, we are probably dealing with a fake Apple Watch. You shouldn’t buy it.

2. Appearance and product quality

The Apple Watch is a very well-designed product that feels sturdy and premium. Therefore, you can tell whether it is an original product or a fake just by examining and touching it. If you find loose buttons, squeaks, or materials like plastic, it’s not an Apple Watch.

You also need to pay attention to other details such as screen quality or box quality. The Apple Watch case is tall and feels very premium as well.

3. Whether it syncs with iPhone

If this happens without any problems, it is impossible for the device to be fake. The original Apple Watch syncs to Apple Watch from the Watch app on iPhone in just a few steps. So, when in doubt, try pairing Apple Watch with your iPhone from the Watch app on iPhone to see if you can do it.


4. Extremely cheap price

Apple products have a high price, so if you find an extremely cheap Apple Watch, it is very difficult to get it to be original. This is valid advice for any other Apple device, no one will sell it for less than it actually costs.

By following these tips, no one can fool you. Apple Watch is a very easy device to identify if you follow these steps. It is especially important that you comply with these if you are going to buy second-hand.