How to convert iPhone HEIC file to JPG

Photos taken with the camera on iPhone are saved in HEIC/HEIF format. You may have noticed this when you try to export photos. There is a very easy way to convert HEIC photos to JPG. By following this guide, you can convert previously taken HEIC photos to JPG, and if you want, you can also save new photos as JPGs.

HEIC format is superior to JPEG format. It takes less space and supports 16-bit color capture instead of 8-bit. However, they are predominantly used in the Apple ecosystem. What you need to do to convert HEIC photo to JPEG with an iPhone with iOS operating system is quite simple. You can follow what you need to do from the video or go through the step-by-step explanation below.

Making HEIC photo JPEG

Apple’s mobile processor is smart enough to instantly handle HEIC/HEIF and JPG/JPEG conversion. You don’t need an application other than Apple’s software for this.

1. First, run the application called Shortcuts in your application library. If you deleted it later, you can get the app from the Apple Store.

2. Within the Shortcuts app, tap the + sign at the top right and start a new shortcut.

3. Write a name for the shortcut so you can understand what it serves later.

4. Add action “Select Photos” by tapping “Add Action” button.

5. Then expand the action by tapping the right arrow on the side. In the “Include” section, restrict it to “images” only. Enable “Select more than one”.

6. Find and add the “Convert image” action from “Search for apps and actions” at the bottom of the app. Finally, add the “Save to photo album” action from the same place.

7. Our shortcut is ready! Tap the x icon in the top right and close the shortcut editing screen. Now run the shortcut and select the photos you want to convert and tap the “add” button. The JPG versions of the photos you selected will be saved in the photo album.

iPhone Camera JPG setting

You can always have the iPhone camera capture photos in JPG format. For this, you need to make a setting in the Settings application.

1. Open the Settings app. Scroll down until the camera option appears.

2. Enter the camera settings and select “Formats” at the top.

3. There are two options in Formats: “High efficiency” and “Most compatible”. High efficiency saves photos as HEIC, most compatible as JPG. Change it to the most compatible.