How to cool down your laptop?

Have you noticed that your laptop gets too hot? This is a common problem that could affect its performance if you don’t take care of it in the short term. Luckily, there are many solutions you can consider, from changing your workspace to buying a refrigeration accessory. Next, we teach you how to reduce the temperature of the laptop.

How to reduce laptop temperature?

There are many reasons why your laptop could be overheating. Among these, we find:

  • Environment: if the place where you are has high temperatures, this can raise the temperature of the equipment.
  • Blocked airflow: laptops need proper ventilation. The airflow may be blocked by dirt or other reasons.
  • Software: if the device is of low performance, it is likely that its temperature will rise after long days of use.

Now, learning how to reduce the temperature of the laptop is essential in its maintenance. This is because excess heat could damage computer components. Consequently, it could lose its functionality over time. The result would be a slow computer with poor performance. Therefore, we present some simple solutions that you can apply to avoid this problem.

How to reduce the temperature of the laptop with low cost solutions?

The main and most economical solution is to ensure that the equipment is properly ventilated. Here are some useful practices:

  1. Avoid padded surfaces. For example, blankets, rugs, pillows, or clothing. These objects act as insulators, so they prevent proper ventilation.
  2. Elevate the laptop at a suitable angle for ventilation. In this case, laptop stands are very useful to place them above the work surface.
  3. Keep the work space as clean as possible. Dust is one of the main causes of obstructing the ventilation in this equipment. In fact, it is recommended to frequently clean the surface of the laptop in order to avoid blocking the vents caused by dirt.

2 software and configuration solutions

If you have applied the previous recommendations, but you do not get the expected result, then you should check the software and configuration of the equipment. Here are a couple of solutions to know how to reduce the temperature of the laptop taking into account these aspects:

  • Analyze the performance and technical specifications of the laptop. Well, running some programs could cause additional heat. In these cases, one of the simplest tips is to reduce the brightness of the screen, especially when the computer battery is low.
  • Evaluate the security of your laptop, since when it is attacked by spyware and malware, its performance can be seriously affected. This occurs because viruses have the ability to activate processes that consume a lot of energy. Consequently, these manage to raise their temperature after use. To start with, you can use free services, make sure you have an antivirus that prevents third parties from installing that software on your laptop.

2 solutions with refrigeration accessories

Cooling accessories absorb heat and disperse it easily. Here are some of the more accessible solutions:

  • Cooling mats: one of the most accessible accessories. They are designed as a pad or mat that rests between the laptop and the work surface. Its main function is to extract heat from the most active components.
  • Heat sinks: may require a higher investment, due to labor, but guarantees better results. This is a built-in device that works similar to a fan. In this case, it moves the air through a thermal conductor.

Finally, if these solutions still do not prevent overheating, it is best to go to a professional. With a general review of the state of the equipment, it could be possible to identify how to reduce the laptop’s temperature by attacking the main reason for its heating.