I cannot create a channel on WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently launched its channel feature. The new feature called Channels is just like Telegram channels. You can subscribe to a particular channel and just react. You cannot comment on posts on those channels.

Additionally, you can find other channels. You can tap the channels by clicking on the find channel option or tap the plus icon next to it. In the channels tab you will find the most active, popular and new channels, as well as entertainment, football and similar channels. However, the Channels section is organized into a single section in the Updates section.

Since the Channels feature has just been launched, it seems like most people are having trouble getting used to it. To create a channel, we can create a channel by touching the plus sign in the channels section.

However, some users only see the find channels option, so they cannot create a channel. If you are one of these users, then why can’t you create a channel like this? If you cannot create a channel right now, you need to wait.

There is an explanation on the WhatsApp website as to why you cannot create a channel on WhatsApp. WhatsApp channels are still new and evolving. It takes time to increase the number of countries and spread to the next segment of users.

WhatsApp channels are released gradually and in a limited time. There are some situations where channeling is not available. Originally only available in Colombia and Singapore, the feature is now available in all countries, but is not yet available to all users.

Provided that you have updated your WhatsApp and enabled two-step verification, you need to wait for a while until the feature is activated for you.