Digital transformation – advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to technological solutions, Poland is one of the fastest developing countries in the European Union in this regard. Digital transformation is designed to improve many areas of daily life, as well as to keep up with market trends. It is worth knowing what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What is digital transformation?

The concept of digital transformation, described in detail at, will not be clear to everyone. In a nutshell, we can say that it is the integration of digital solutions and technology in every area of business. This change is taking place in the field of technology, as well as the general culture.

Organizations that want to keep up with the digital transformation need to make fundamental changes in the way they operate to be able to guarantee their customer’s experiences and benefits in line with the latest technologies. Modern digital solutions also make it possible to expand human resources, inevitably leading to a complete transformation of the business model.

What is the importance of digital transformation for modern business?

Modern businesses are increasingly realizing that to be competitive, they must take steps to do so. Continuous development, the transformation of the digital environment, and meeting the rapidly evolving demands of customers all lead to digital transformation. Especially during the pandemic period, business owners have felt very strongly the urgent need to modernize their company’s processes and digitize them. Business models that until recently worked perfectly, today can be confidently considered obsolete.

What are the advantages of digital transformation?

Digital transformation is designed to integrate all functions and levels in a modern business. Here are some of its potential advantages:

  • facilitating the provision of detailed information, which allows for accurate, real-time decision-making,
  • increasing productivity and efficiency,
  • improving the customer experience,
  • helping to innovate the business model,
  • supporting the company’s growth strategy,
  • supporting flexibility and resilience to unusual situations,
  • keeping up with the competition.

Does digital transformation have disadvantages?

Having already known what benefits digital transformation offers, it’s time to find out whether it has any disadvantages. Well, even knowing virtually everything about it, it is impossible to reduce the risk of its implementation to zero. Implementing new technologies in any enterprise is a kind of experiment. While the risk can be reduced by choosing expert advice and support, it still exists. However, it can be considered that a company that does not even attempt to introduce changes is doomed to failure anyway.

In conclusion, building and managing IT networks is a very rapidly growing branch of modern business. Digital transformation is something that cannot be avoided. Those who are interested in it can expect to improve the processes taking place in the company, increase the efficiency of production and – improve the profitability of the company, regardless of the industry in which it operates.