Best earthquake alert app

We have prepared a selection of earthquake alert and warning applications for those who want to install an earthquake-predicting application. Thanks to these applications, you can receive notifications and take warnings seconds before an earthquake occurs. Fault lines pass through different regions of the World and an earthquake or tsunami can occur at any time. Fortunately, technology allows us to stay updated in case of any disaster or emergency, and the proof of this is the apps that report earthquakes.

For those who are looking for an application that notifies you of an earthquake in advance, there are several applications that notify you when an earthquake occurs, seconds before the vibration wave created by the earthquake reaches you. These applications can save your life against all kinds of disaster risks and provide you with early warning, safe point and valuable information when necessary. In any case, we leave you with a list of the best alternatives that you can find in the Play Store and App Store.

My Earthquake Alerts & Feed


My Earthquake Alerts & Feed is a free app focused on earthquake monitoring that can provide real-time information via push notifications with a clean, simple and easy-to-use interface. Among its main features, it comes with live activities, earthquake alerts, an earthquake map with distance to your location, depth, exact location and much more. You can use the store links below to install the application on your phone.

Earthquake Network


As its name suggests, Earthquake Network is an application that specializes in reporting earthquakes that occur in most countries of the world. It has a state-of-the-art real-time early warning system to keep you informed of any anomalies. Its main features include real-time alerts near your location, secondary alerts and updates if you live far from the epicenter, real-time user reports, and access to information from 21 seismic networks. You can use the store links below to install the application on your phone.

Google Earthquake Network

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Google Earthquake Network is a native feature available on Android phones. When an earthquake occurs, it helps you take precautions by notifying you before the vibrations and waves caused by the earthquake reach you. In addition to providing people with useful earthquake information, it also provides a few seconds of warning when necessary to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones. A few seconds of warning can make the difference in giving you time to collapse, hide and hold on before the shaking hits. To start using the feature, you need to activate it from the settings.



Earthquake allows you to access the latest data from a variety of sources and receive real-time push notifications from major weather sources worldwide. It has a timeline to know the development of the event over time, an earthquake catalog from all institutions since 2013 by date, location or reporting agency, a detailed view of the event and maps with detailed information on every aspect related to the earthquake. You can use the store links below to install the application on your phone.

Earthquake+ Alerts, Map & Info


Earthquake+ Alerts, Map & Info is an app with a push notification system that shows earthquakes around the world and in your location of interest with relevant information and the latest details of each event. It has the support of the major meteorological and seismological agencies in the world, so you’ll get the information you’ve always seen and as soon as it’s released by each of these organizations. You can use the store links below to install the application on your phone.

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts


It is one of the most popular weather forecast applications thanks to its interface, design, information and warning system. AccuWeather: Weather Alerts gives you 24/7 live weather forecasts and alerts for earthquakes for local weather and advanced forecasts. Thanks to the precise weather radar, you receive updates about changes in temperature, earthquakes, snowfall, storms and other natural events. You can use the store links below to install the application on your phone.

As you can see, if you have the application that predicts the earthquake, it is possible to stay safe thanks to the application that predicts the earthquake, and you can always keep an eye on yourself and your loved ones with these earthquake notification applications.