Does find my Android work when phone is off?

Android phones have the Find my device tool, an extremely useful option. Thanks to it we can locate our lost or stolen phone. Although it is a tool that has clear limitations, because it only works if the device is turned on and connected. Off it is impossible to find it.

Android will locate your phone even if it’s turned off

Just being able to locate the phone when it’s on or connected was highly criticized. Luckily, there will be changes in this regard soon.

Android 14 is going to leave us with many new functions, one of them also refers to Find my device. As we have mentioned, this function is not useful if the phone is turned off (if for example its battery has run out). In this new feature update, the phone can be located even when it is turned off. An improvement that users of the operating system have undoubtedly been asking for for years.

This is going to be possible thanks to the Bluetooth hardware. It’s going to stay on even if the phone isn’t. This will be combined with Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, to help Google’s servers to be able to locate the phone at all times, whether it is on or off.

Of course, Android phones will need to be compatible with this new technology. It is not something that happens yet, so it will be the devices that reach the market in the near future that will incorporate it. In this way, it will be possible to have a precise tool that allows us to find the mobile even if it is turned off. The function should become official this year.