What is the best fish identification app?

Explore the diversity of the ocean with these must-have apps for identifying fish and sea creatures using your mobile phone as a guide.

Have you ever wondered what species of fish or sea creature is swimming in front of you in the ocean? Don’t worry! Now, thanks to technology, you can easily find out using your mobile phone. In this article, we will explore the best apps to identify fish and marine creatures, giving you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world and discover the diversity of life that inhabits the oceans.

These innovative apps have revolutionized the way we explore and learn about marine life. And it is that just by taking a photo or recording a short video, you will be able to obtain instant information about the captured species, including its scientific name, habitat, distinctive characteristics and much more.

And whether you are a marine life enthusiast, an amateur scuba diver or just curious to discover new species, these apps will become your indispensable companion during your aquatic adventures. Now is the time for you to take a look at the best apps to identify fish and sea creatures and have your own discovery lab on your iPhone or Android.

Picture Fish

Picture Fish is an essential mobile application for fans of wildlife and the marine ecosystem. With over 2,500 species of fish in its database, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately identify any fish you come across. Its interface is intuitive and carefully designed to be easy to use and navigate. And apart from fish identification, the app also provides you with useful tips on keeping fish, making it a perfect educational tool for mobile phone users.


Seabook is an exciting mobile app for iPhone and Android aimed at marine wildlife enthusiasts and those looking to learn about the aquatic ecosystem. With an extensive database of 1,300 species, including fish, sharks, rays, mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, and more, you’ll be able to identify the different types of fish you’ve ever seen underwater. The application presents a comfortable and organized interface, which facilitates the search and identification of marine species. You will also be able to learn about the unique characteristics of each species, its habitat, behavior and distinctive characteristics.


Fishbrain is the ultimate fishing app for marine enthusiasts looking to learn and improve their fishing skills from their iPhone or Android. With over 15 million members and 14 million recorded catches, the platform offers a wide range of features and functions for the most curious angler. With it you will be able to discover the best fishing spots in your area, sharing information about the hot spots and the most common species in each location.

FishVerify: ID & Regulations

FishVerify is another of the best apps to identify fish and sea creatures from iPhone or Android. It allows you to explore and learn about the fascinating fauna and marine ecosystem in an interactive and highly educational way. Its main feature is image recognition, which means you’ll be able to take a photo of any fish you come across and the app will provide you with detailed information about the species, including its name, habitat, characteristics, and fishing regulations.

Fish Identifier – Fish ID

Fish Identifier is the perfect app for anyone looking to learn and explore the marine world. This mobile tool houses useful data to identify all types of fish, from sharks and whales to tunas, devil fish, bass, butterfly fish and dolphins. Once you manage to identify the creature, the app will provide you with specific details about each species, including characteristics, habitats, behavior and geographic distribution. You’ll also be able to take pictures of the fish you find and use the visual recognition feature for accurate identification.