The best free photo editing software

Nowadays, thanks to social media, it seems like everyone knows how to edit photos to make them look their best. Some already use platforms like PlayGround AI to generate images that they later retouch. However, for those without experience, there are free photo editing programs that can enhance your images without spending on expensive and difficult-to-use programs.

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best programs available today. What requirements must free programs to edit photos meet? New photo and image editing programs emerge every year. There are people who use Canva, but due to its limited range of tools it can be an expensive endeavor. Before giving you alternatives, keep in mind the following characteristics that a platform must meet to suit your needs.

  • An easy to use and friendly user interface.
  • Wide range of editing tools such as color adjustment, cropping, retouching, red-eye correction, blemish removal, etc.
  • Ability to work with different file formats, including RAW, JPEG and PNG.
  • Advanced features like layers, masks, and special effects.
  • Support for batch processing of images.
  • Possibility to save images in different file formats.
  • Support for various operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Regular updates and troubleshooting support.

Top 3 free programs to edit photos. Without further ado, we present a selection of the best programs currently available.



This old acquaintance among free photo editing programs comes loaded with a series of advantages that you won’t believe. Layers, masks, curves, brushes, clone tools, perspective changes – it’s all here. Even better, GIMP is open source. This means that when you download it, you get more than just a program. With it comes an active community of fellow publishers, eager to provide tutorials, develop plugins, and increase functionality.

To work on it, it gives you different photo editing tools and techniques. For example, for editing, it offers us different types of brushes, which are also preset for painting purposes. As in other systems, you work from layers and panels with different retouching tools. For color grading, the system offers you the curves tool, as well as a whole host of color palettes.

Pixlr E

Pixlr E

The latest editions of Pixlr could bring you a next-level editing experience. From image conversion to other editing options, Pixlr E has a solution for everything. The newest thing about this system is that it works completely online.

This is one of the free photo editing software that is very easy and intuitive to use. When opening an image, you can use the tools you are already used to. It allows you to make the usual adjustments for brightness, contrast, temperature, tint, hue, and saturation. Also, color balance, reflections, shadows, curves and more. Then there are the Lasso, Wand, Crop/Mask, Clone, Liquify, Blur, and Dodge tools. Another great advantage is that it integrates very well with Dropbox.



We already saw a program to install and another online; Now we present you one of the freemium category. With ten photo editing modules, you can quickly navigate through the editing interface of the software. This way, you’ll be ready to modify template designs, upload images, and make minor adjustments. BeFunky also has another cool feature: Graphic Designer. With it you can create flyers, posters, social media posts, and even your own templates. Everything directly in the application.

From the moment you upload an image, you can access basic editing tools. There you find the pencil, the brush, the selection and crop tool. Also advanced editing tools, including selective adjustments, sharpening, perspective and smart borders, for more precise control. Furthermore, this program offers a wide range of filters and effects to add creativity to your images.