How to create channel in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has announced through an official statement on its blog that WhatsApp channels are now available. This is one of the most rumored and most anticipated news in recent months for the most popular instant messaging application on the market. And now, finally, the WhatsApp channels are here.

The channels will be like a kind of virtual bulletin board that, as we indicated, were already available on other platforms such as Telegram or Instagram. This functionality will allow administrators to create a channel to announce news through text, photos, videos, stickers and the new WhatsApp surveys.


Create a channel in WhatsApp

Users who decide to join WhatsApp channels will not be able to respond to the administrator’s announcements, since it is a one-way transmission tool designed to offer information instantly in a simple, comfortable and efficient way on both iOS and Android.

Today we’re excited to introduce Channels – a simple, reliable, and private way to receive important news from people and organizations, right on WhatsApp. We’re creating channels in a new tab called “Updates”, where you’ll find the statuses and channels you choose to follow, separate from your chats with family, friends and communities.

It seems that the new functionality of WhatsApp channels will be very focused on safeguarding the privacy of users. On the other hand, from WhatsApp they have also wanted to ensure that the administrators will have full control over the management of all the followers of their channels.

The most interesting thing about the new WhatsApp channels feature for iOS and Android is the design of its user interface. Its view looks like a Twitter-like post feed, where admins post their content and users can scroll through all the ads on the channels they’re following.

Recently, WhatsApp has also added support for sending high-definition photos and the popular functionality for editing sent messages. Its developers have always shown that WhatsApp is one of the applications with the most updates and improvements.

The operation of these channels is similar to that of Telegram channels. Any user will be able to subscribe to a WhatsApp channel, although only the owner or manager of said channel will be able to write. It is a way of staying up to date on news related to an organization or a particular topic that is of interest to us. Only messages published in the last 30 days will be saved in the history.

Users will be able to search for channels in the messaging app and subscribe to those they want, as if it were a social network. You only have to click on the + button within a channel to be able to follow it. From that moment we will receive the news that are uploaded in it. If at any time we change our mind, you can stop following a channel.

The feature is now available in Singapore and Colombia. When the testing process is completed, it will be available in more countries and all over the world.