How to remove search bar from home screen iPhone

One of these changes in iOS for iPhone is the addition of the call button to the iPhone’s home screen. If you don’t like the search button and prefer to keep the “dots” that signify your homepages, you’ll be glad to know there’s a way to bring them back.

In this guide, we will explain how to remove the Search button from the iOS Home Screen and return to the dot view of home pages. This is a very simple process that will get you back to the routine you’re used to while still taking advantage of all the new features of iOS.

How to remove the Search button on iPhone Home Screen?

It’s pretty good that Apple has introduced many improvements at the design level, but also allows users to decide whether they want to have this kind of innovation in the user interface of the iOS software.

The search button on the Home Screen, added to the iOS operating system starting from iOS 16, is very useful as it allows you to search for files, applications, contacts and features in seconds. Previously, this Search with Spotlight button would appear when a user swiped down on the Home Screen. Now, it’s always visible.

But there is a method in the settings where you can remove the Search button embedded in iOS and go back to the dots that show you how many pages you have on your Home Screen. If you want to remove the Call button from the iOS Home Screen on your iPhone, here are the instructions you need to follow:

  1. You can change the Home Screen settings by going to the relevant menu from the Settings application.
  2. Enter the Settings app on iPhone.
  3. Scroll the screen and find the “Home Screen and App Library” option.
  4. Enter the “Home Screen and Application Archive” menu.
  5. Disable the switch in front of the “Show on Home Screen” option.

It’s that easy! If you followed these instructions correctly, when you return to your iPhone’s Home Screen, you will see the app pages dot element again and the Spotlight Search button will no longer appear.

In any case, note that you can still access the Spotlight search button by swiping your finger down on the screen. Additionally, if you press the dots on the Home screen, you get the ability to customize and hide your app pages.