How to turn on mobile data on iPhone?

You can access the internet in places where there is no Wi-Fi connection by using mobile data on your iPhone. This is undoubtedly one of the most important advantages of a smartphone. But to use mobile data, you need to enable it first. iPhones also have a setting to enable mobile data. Below we will share a short and detailed explanation of how to turn on mobile data on iPhone, step by step.

  1. You can enable mobile data on iPhone by going to Settings > Cellular
  2. Open the Settings application and enter the Cellular section.
  3. Here, enable the switch in front of the section that says Cellular Data

Enabling mobile data on iPhone is that simple and only takes a few steps. Now you can access the internet as you wish using your mobile data package. You can also track which application uses how much mobile data from the same screen.

Apple offers its users a very effective tool that allows them to manage mobile data usage on iPhone. This tool allows us to control how much mobile data we use in each of the system applications.

It is important to know such information because if you exceed the data usage limit of the mobile data package you purchased from your operator, you may be deprived of your mobile data connection or your connection speed may be much slower.