How to wash a mousepad?

Mousepad is one of the vital tools to succeed in gaming. If you’re experiencing performance issues, tracking issues, or LOD issues, it may be time to give the mousepad a good clean. Cleaning your other gaming accessories is also a good precaution to keep them in top condition.

While some mouse pads, such as hard plastic ones, are easy to clean, cloth or microfiber ones can easily attract more oil or dirt. This means they need a little extra care when cleaning.

Since dirt and oils can increase friction, cleaning a mousepad is one way to bring it back to life and improve performance. We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide below. Just be careful and take your time, the mousepad will be as good as new!

Cleaning fabric mousepad

Fill a tub or sink with warm water. Sprinkle a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid onto the mousepad. Using a cleaning brush, use light strokes to remove any oil, stains, or other unwanted debris from your mouse pad.

Remove the mousepad from the soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Use a clean towel or cloth to remove excess water, then place the mousepad somewhere where it can dry completely.

After a few hours, the mouse pad will be ready to accompany you in your next games. Get ready for a perfect gaming experience!

Cordura mousepad cleaning

Cordura is a very durable material and very easy to clean. However, special care should be taken when cleaning the mouse pad from the edges, as the waterproof design can allow water to become trapped between the anti-slip layer and the Cordura.

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt from the Cordura mouse pad. Fill the spray bottle with warm, soapy water and then spray the Cordura mousepad. If you don’t have a spray bottle, soak the clean cloth in warm water with a little soap and remove any excess water until it’s damp.

Wipe the mousepad with a damp cloth with soap, then rinse the cloth with clean water and then wipe the mousepad with it. Repeat this step as many times as possible until the Cordura mousepad is clean.

Use a clean towel or cloth to remove excess water and position the mousepad to allow it to dry completely. After a few hours, grab the mouse pad and start your game!

RGB mousepad cleaning

It’s important to be extra careful when cleaning any RGB mousepad. These types of mouse pads contain electronic components that can be damaged if they get wet. Do not immerse the mousepad in water as this may damage it.

Unplug your RGB mousepad from your computer. Soak the cloth in warm water with a little mild dish soap and remove as much water as possible.

Use the cloth to thoroughly clean the mousepad and remove any oil, dirt or other debris. You can also clean the edges of the mousepad this way, but avoid using the damp cloth near the electronics.

Using clean water, rinse the cloth and remove as much water as possible. Then, use the cloth to remove as much soap residue as possible from the mousepad. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until the mousepad is clean.

Place the mousepad on a flat surface and let it dry with the fabric facing up. After a few hours, grab the mousepad and start your game!