How to improve iPhone battery life iOS 16

Do you feel that the battery of your iPhone no longer lasts the same? Here we explore 10 tricks to help you save and squeeze the usage out of your device.

The battery of our smartphones is a fundamental aspect in today’s world and there are countless tricks that we can apply in our day to day to increase the battery life of the iPhone. However, after the arrival of iOS 16 and all its news, there are new tricks that we can use to improve the battery. If you’re having battery issues with iOS 16, try these tips. Here we will see some tricks that you can apply to get a little more battery life from your iPhone.

We are going to talk about some adjustments or configurations that you have to do if you want to save iPhone battery with iOS 16. With every new operating system update, there are complaints about battery life, and iOS 16 is no exception. We have found the reason for the excess battery consumption in iOS 16 and we are going to remedy it. These are some tips that we are going to add to our guide to save battery on iPhone and that we encourage you to try so that you can see what kind of settings you can configure so that your device does not consume so much energy.

Remove widgets on your lock screen

This is one of the new features that Apple implemented with iOS 16. Widgets were already present in some way within the system but they thought it possible to display useful information while it remains in locked mode. For example, if we have the weather widget activated, it will require updating in the background and therefore it will be consuming battery to keep said information updated.

You can create lock screens that do not include widgets. Also, it is important to control and have an appropriate one with widgets but you will have to change it when you need to save battery. Here you can see how to manipulate the lock screen in iOS 16.

Haptic keyboard feedback

iphone keyboard haptic
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New to iOS 16 is a haptic feedback feature when using the keyboard. You feel a vibration when touching each of the keys but in this case it consumes battery. Users who rely on constant keyboard use may lose battery life to this feature. To disable it follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Sounds and haptic
  3. Keyboard feedback
  4. Disable the haptic option

Turn off Always-On Display

Apple’s always-on screen has repeatedly been the subject of controversy. So much so that they had to release an update to allow further modification of this feature. It was shown that it could consume up to 20% battery in a span of 24 hours.

The always-on screen shows the time, wallpaper, widgets and in case you have live activities. Although the iPhone 14 Pro display is clocked at 1Hz to conserve battery when not in use, this feature results in faster consumption. Disable the following:

  1. Open your iPhone Settings
  2. Screen and brightness
  3. Disable Always On

The animated backgrounds

iphone wallpaper
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In iOS 16 we have a variety of backgrounds but some are animated. If you choose any of these you will contribute to a higher battery consumption. Some examples are the weather wallpaper or the random photos wallpaper. These movements throughout the day will produce a battery consumption that you might not want if you do not use the iPhone minute by minute.

The best idea to save battery through wallpapers is to use dark colors or black tones. The iPhone OLED screen will disable pixels when encountering dark or black parts.

Use Focus to reduce the number of notifications

Apple implemented focus modes so that users could adapt it to their day to day. If you are at work, you could customize it only so that you receive related notifications. In the same way, being on a day off you can avoid work notifications. The same happens when driving a car, sleeping, exercising or any other type of scenario.

At the end of this mode you will receive the normal notifications but in a single alert instead of a larger display. Turning off some of the notifications you don’t care about can help manage battery usage, using Focus is even better.

Turn off location sharing notifications

iphone location services
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The location, a function that since times past consumes battery. We have so many apps on our device that the first time we opened it we unconsciously gave it access to our location for the entire time it was run. Do you want to check which ones are allowed all the time?

  1. Open your iPhone Settings
  2. Choose Privacy
  3. Location services
  4. You can see the list and edit each configuration by touching the name of each app

The most advisable thing would be to choose Never for those apps in which you know that you will not use the location frequently. Usually iOS gives us the option to manipulate the configuration when the location is not activated when an app requests it.

Limit Bluetooth usage

iphone bluetooth services
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If you have AirPods or if you connect your iPhone to the car or to some other accessory that needs to be connected to Bluetooth, it is a good time to see which apps have requested the use of said function.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Choose Privacy
  3. Bluetooth

There may be streaming apps that have requested access, among others. You can immediately remove access by tapping the green switch for each app.

Use low power mode

iphone low power mode
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For many versions of iOS, the low power mode has saved us from several occasions or situations in which we do not have the charger nearby or a power source.

Turning on Low Power Mode automatically reduces background activity, screen turns off faster when idle, screen refresh rate, and reduces visual effects.

Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

In case you didn’t know, using the cellular network consumes more battery than being connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you are at home or at work, activate Wi-Fi to avoid the use of mobile data and you will contribute to better battery consumption.

The same happens when there is no signal in certain places, the iPhone will continue to search for an antenna with coverage. To avoid this unnecessary scan, remember to activate airplane mode. If you require Bluetooth, it doesn’t matter, you can also activate it while using Bluetooth with your AirPods or another accessory. Another option is to deactivate the data while you do not require its use.

Remove apps that drain your battery

iphone battery
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What apps consume your battery excessively? You can check it in the Battery section located in the Settings app. You will find the graphs that show the level and performance of the battery for 24 hours or the historical of 10 days.

If you detect an app that you don’t use or that you know is consuming battery without representing a need on your home screen, you can delete it. It will also help you measure how it behaves, if it requires you to remove the location or background update permissions.

We hope that these tricks are useful to improve the iPhone battery and your experience to have a few extra minutes or hours in your day to day. Disabling some features can make a difference.