When iPadOS 17 will be available?

iPadOS 17: news, functions, release date and compatible iPad of the operating system presented at WWDC. The software update has been unveiled at the WWDC main event.

The new iPad software has finally been revealed. Apple has just revealed iPadOS 17, the new software update for the iPad operating system. This new version has arrived loaded with all kinds of news, improvements and functions of great importance for the tablets of the Cupertino company.

Additionally, during Apple WWDC 2023, which you can follow live from here, iOS 17, tvOS 17, macOS 14 and watchOS 10 have also been presented. Below, we will highlight all the new software that Apple has implemented in iPadOS 17, as well as all iPad models compatible with this update and the estimated date of its official release.

All the new features of iPadOS 17

The presentation of iPadOS 17 has not been surrounded by as many surprises as in the case of iOS 17, which together with Vision Pro has taken center stage at the event. Although, in a way, many of the new features of iOS 17 are also present in iPadOS 17.

A general redesign

One of the most striking main changes in iPadOS 17 is related to a general revamp in the design of the system user interface. Apple has redesigned certain elements of the iPad operating system to offer a more elegant, minimalist and aesthetic vision.

Third Party Stores

After the approval of the new Digital Markets Law by the European Commission, Apple has had no choice but to introduce a system in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 that allows applications and games to be downloaded from third-party stores that are alternatives to the App Store. This will open the doors to many independent developers and apps like Fortnite that have been pulled from the App Store.

New lock screen and interactive widgets

With iPadOS 17, iPad users will now also be able to enjoy the customization of the lock screen that was already present on the iPhone since the launch of iOS 16. It is a system that allows you to take better advantage of the front of the iPad with the integration of widgets, filters, wallpapers, weather information, collections, suggestions and predefined templates. The wallpapers have a small social aspect, and that is that now they can be shared with other users. In addition, it is also possible to change the font and color of the text of the date and time on the lock screen.

This revamped iPadOS 17 lock screen has a dedicated space on the side for widgets, a really useful and highly visual new form of customization.

There are many elements of the operating system that have been redesigned. First of all, some application menus have been reorganized and more features have been included so that iPad users can customize their structure. The home screen and lock screen now have a much more modern and visual look, with small nuances that somewhat remind us of the iOS 7 UI aesthetic.


Apple has introduced a new personal diary application called “Journal” that will also be available in iOS 17 and that will offer the possibility to write about the daily activities of the day to day and track mood and health mind of each user. Diario will have an artificial intelligence algorithm that will analyze user behavior to determine what their typical day is like, integrating data on health and fitness, and offering suggestions on activities and topics of interest.

Live Activities

Now iPadOS 17 has also included the Live Activities available in iOS 16 with the arrival of the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Thanks to Live Activities, iPad users will be able to preview content of interest such as sports results, notifications, and important notices from their favorite iPadOS 17 apps.

Improvements in Wallet and Health

Apple will offer the opening to the integration of third-party services in Wallet. Credit card banks will be able to enjoy all the privileges of the Apple Card.

The iPadOS 17 Health app will allow users to check their health-related data without needing to look at their iPhone. The app has been completely redesigned to take full advantage of the entire front panel of the iPad.

iPadOS 17 release date

On June 5, 2023, the official presentation of the software related to iPadOS 17 took place. From now on, Apple will begin to offer the first public and developer beta software versions of this new version of its operating system. These beta versions will be extended until the official release date of the final version.

The final version of iPadOS 17, in theory, will officially arrive in September 2023 along with iOS 17 and the launch of the new line of iPhone 15 following the natural cycle of software updates from previous Apple iterations.