Mobile video editing apps

Now you no longer need to carry a camera or be the best in audiovisual skills to create amazing videos with your phone. With these 10 applications you can do it like a professional.

Learn about their characteristics and why they can help you in this task. Social networks show us more and more that videos are among the favorite contents. In fact, on Instagram, reels have become a trend and all because the video is the living memory.

Also, when it comes to collecting moments, videos, unlike photos, transport you more strongly towards what you experienced. However, sometimes you want to join photos and videos, but you can’t find how; or you just want to create memorable videos.

Fortunately, the technology industry is clear about that. Therefore, we have at our fingertips a large list of mobile apps that help us achieve it. 10 applications to create videos from your mobile. Next, we give you a list with options that you can explore according to what each one offers you.


This is the highest rated and most downloaded video editor on mobiles. It has a simple and intuitive interface. However, Inshot is a powerful editor that has professional and most used features.


This is a tool with a simple interface. Allows you to edit photos and videos; music clips, add transitions, titles and voice-over. Also, it supports changing speeds and is available for iOS. Also, iMovie is free.


If you want to create videos with clips and photos, this is an excellent option. It has templates to give them a different touch. Make cuts, mute audio, add text and music. Keep in mind that it has a watermark.

Power Director

This is an app that allows you to export in full HD. It offers a menu with 60 possible transitions and more than 35 effects. Thus, your videos will be incredible; It is watermarked and available for Android and Windows Phone.


Its creators are the same as TikTok. It is a simple and free editor that allows you to transform videos. This is achieved thanks to its templates and magic wand. However, you can also edit them manually. It also lets you remove the background to add an image; add body effects, stickers, audio, video or overlay images. In addition, to export in 4K and 60 fps.


It offers several themes so that you only add the photos or videos. Add sound effects or let add a voiceover. Apply effects, stickers, doodles, and transitions. If you dare to see the ads, it lets you try some premium features. Its free version allows you to export in 720p and, if you see the ads, you can do it in 4K.


Now it’s the turn of the photo editor that can only be used in portrait. Its interface is more professional and allows you to see the project divided into layers. Add stickers, doodles, texts and effects. Add pan and zoom effects to videos and transitions. However, it retains the basic edits to edit. If you want to remove the watermark and have access to all the functions, you will have to pay some money per year.


This app has different templates at your disposal. Thanks to this, you only have to select the one you like the most. Then, you add the photos and videos from your gallery; and finally, Quik does the magic. That way, what you have to do next is adjust the duration, speed or add texts, depending on what you want. This tool is available for Android and iOS.

GoPro Quik

This video maker app belongs to the famous sports camera company. Therefore, this editor is focused on adventure and action videos. It allows you to fit the frame and have control over the recording speed. In addition, it has effects, basic settings and lets you edit each video once.


It has an intuitive interface and professional features that are easy to use. With its themes it is possible to automatically edit the videos. However, it is possible to edit manually. In this way, you will be able to add filters, effects, transitions and much more. You can export up to 480p and remove the watermark when you pay for a subscription.