How to remove watermark from photo

Tired of watermarks on photos and images? With these tricks, you can remove annoying watermarks without any problems. Found a great picture and couldn’t use it because it had a watermark on it? This is a very common technique in image banks, photographers or design repositories.

In any case, today it is possible to solve this problem thanks to different tools, graphic design programs or special web services, and one of the most popular is Photoshop. If you want to know how it is possible to easily and quickly remove a watermark from any image, we will tell you all the available alternatives so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

What is a watermark and what does it do?

Before we get into the details of how to remove a watermark from an image online or through a program, it’s important to be clear about what a watermark is and what it’s for. In this case, a watermark is an image, phrase, or information that appears to be superimposed on another image or video, and usually has a fairly strong transparency effect. It is used to protect or limit the use or distribution of any audio-visual content without the consent of the creator, thereby protecting your interests.

The use of these watermarks is very common in online documents, image banks and even by professionals in photography, graphic design, among others. In other words, it is a very popular way to establish copyright for images or content created by someone and to limit the illegal use and piracy of such content. For example, in order to remove the watermark from any photo in image banks, you need to pay a premium membership or purchase the image you want.

How to remove watermark with Photoshop?

Once you’re clear on what watermarks are and what they’re used for, it’s time to figure out how you can remove them from any image for free. There are different methods and one of the most effective is to use the Photoshop tool. This special design program offers different options to help you remove watermarks in seconds. Then we will tell you how to do it step by step.

1. The first thing is to open Photoshop on your computer. Then go to File > Open and select the image from which you want to remove the watermark. After the image opens, select the “Lasso Tool”, whose icon is a string, in the options panel on the left side of your screen. If it is not directly visible, right click on the icon and three options will appear. Select the “Lasso Tool”.


2. After selecting this tool, you must surround the part where the watermark appears with the marker by holding down the left click until the dotted lines start to flash. Next, right-click and find “Edit > Fill” at the top of the menu.


3. At this point, four partitions will appear that you need to configure as shown in the picture below. Once you have completed the parameters mentioned above, hit “OK” to apply the changes and that’s it.


Of course, you don’t need to use Photoshop to remove watermarks from an image. Fortunately, there are different online options where you can support yourself for this purpose, and it’s completely free. We tell you about some of them.

Removing watermark with HitPaw Watermark Remover

HitPaw Watermark Remover is another excellent tool you can rely on when you need to remove a watermark from an image or video. The process is very simple and requires only three simple steps.

1. Go to HitPaw Watermark Remover and click “Remove watermark now”.

2. A new tab will open where you need to add the image you want to remove the watermark from. To do this, click “Choose File” or you can put the URL of a YouTube video as it is compatible with this format.

3. Then select the watermark area with the selection tool. Finally, press “Remove” to have the watermark removed automatically and you can download your image to use as you wish.

Removing watermark with Apowersof

Finally, Apowersof is an online tool that will help you remove that annoying watermark from any image. You should only:

1. Go to Apowersof website and click “Remove watermarks from photos”.

2. A window will open on your computer where you can search for the image you want. Select it and press “Open”.

3. After your image is uploaded, you should close the section with the watermark with the selection tool. Adjust according to your need. When you’re done, hit the “Delete” button.

4. Finally, click on the blue box that says 1/1 complete, download processed. Choose where you want to save your image and that’s it.