How to send as SMS when iMessage is unavailable?

No internet required to message via SMS. Sometimes you may encounter situations where messages do not go out when there is no internet on iPhone. There are solutions to all these no internet message sending problems. Keep reading to find out.

If messages are not going on iPhone when there is no internet, the problem is caused by Apple’s messaging app iMessage. You need to review a few simple settings to fix the problem.

Not sending messages when there is no internet

The iMessage application provides only internet messaging. Both iMessage and SMS are sent via the iPhone’s Messages app. If you do not have an internet package or your package has run out, you may experience this problem if your phone is not connected to the internet.

If you don’t have internet, you can use SMS messaging instead. You should set it to send normal messages only or to send normal messages when there is no internet.

To fix the problem, enter your phone’s Settings menu. Find Messages in Settings. Check if iMessage is ON in Messages. You don’t need to turn it off. A little further down, make sure that the “Send as SMS” option is also ON. With this option, you can send messages as SMS when there is no internet.

When sending messages from the Messages app, it will first try to send as iMessage. When the message is not delivered, press and hold the message and tap Send as SMS. Then that message is sent as an SMS. Then, the messages go as SMS until the internet comes on.