Steam Deck alternatives 2024

We know that Steam Deck has won the hearts of many, but its price causes users to look for the best alternatives. Therefore, we explored what possibilities exist in the market.

Steam Deck has been with us for a relatively short time, but it has already caught the attention of many companies like ASUS. If companies of this caliber get involved… it’s because they see the opportunities in the market, so we had to dig a little deeper than the famous AYANEO. Logitech and Razer have raised their hands on alternatives to the Steam Deck, so things are getting serious.

We decided to look for Steam Deck competitors in the segment of Android and Windows portable consoles ready to play locally or in the cloud.

LENOVO Legion Go

LENOVO Legion Go

The Legion Go is a very capable handset and a worthy rival to the Asus Ally. It is superior in several aspects such as QHD resolution and larger size screen. Its performance is also quite good, as is the selection of buttons and inputs. Still, it’s pretty bulky and heavy, and battery life isn’t great either.



For us, the ASUS ROG Ally is one of the best Steam Deck alternatives, if not the best. We could think of the Nintendo Switch as an alternative, but we consider that it is a very focused console for the Nintendo public and its titles. Here we are looking for a console that runs games from different platforms.

Logitech G CLOUD


Don’t have a big budget? Logitech offers you its G CLOUD, which is designed as a console to play purely through the gaming cloud, as is the case with NVIDIA GeForce Now, Steam and Xbox Game Pass. Of course, you will need to have a subscription to any of these services to enjoy it. In the case of Steam, it will not be necessary.

Nintendo Switch


Another option on the list is a console you may be familiar with: Nintendo Switch. Naturally, people have compared this device to the Steam Deck, but there are some obvious differences. Indeed, this is not a device designed for PC games, but rather for enjoying Nintendo games. It’s still cheaper than the Steam Deck, comes with a choice of OLED models with a larger and more vibrant screen, and is home to many great first-party and indie games.

Razer Edge


The Razer Edge is a great, comfortable handheld gaming tablet. It’s probably not better than the phone you already have, but it’s a solid option to consider if you like cloud gaming and don’t want to use your personal phone for gaming.

Ayn Odin


It is an Ayntec brand console, which is from Hong Kong, whose concept is based on Android and cloud gaming. There is an Odin version of 256 GB SSD, but given its hardware we do not recommend it because we do not think it will be useful for you.



We listed this latest console as one of the best Steam Deck alternatives because it deserves it. This is not a console, but a portable PC to which two controllers are connected (just like the Nintendo Switch); and it weighs 848 grams, almost 1 KG!

AYANEO AIR Plus Mendocino


You should know this brand because it is fully specialized in portable consoles based on Windows with retro styles. We have been very impressed with how AYANEO proposes the AIR in 3 versions: Youth Level, Mendocino and Flagship.

Razer Kishi V2


As with Steam Deck, you don’t always have to buy a new device to play games over the cloud or via emulation. Thanks to the Razer Kishi V2, you can easily plug your iPhone or Android into this controller and run your favorite cloud gaming service to get into the action.