How to turn off iPhone Camera Night Mode?

The different modes of Apple’s mobile camera continue to evolve with each passing year. iPhones have several special modes that any user can use perfectly for daily use. But undoubtedly one of the most popular is the Night mode.

With Night Mode on iPhone, you can take photos in low light conditions, which is one of the biggest problems for a mobile camera. But there may be times when you don’t want to use Night Mode, you can disable Night Mode on iPhone temporarily or permanently.

How does Night Mode work on iPhone?

In fact, its purpose is clear from its name. This functionality has been available on Android phones for a long time, a mod that entered the Apple ecosystem a little late. Night Mode is a mode that has been included in Apple phones since the iPhone 11 model.

Night mode uses long exposure shooting to capture as much light from the scene as possible, calculating the time it takes to take a good night shot. This ensures that the entire image is as bright as possible, thus preventing the photo from coming out too dark or too blurry. Of course, you have to be careful when shooting in this mode, because the mobile phone must be kept still and completely still, otherwise the image will be blurred and distorted.

How to disable night mode on iPhone?

Night Mode is automatically enabled on the iPhone camera. There are several options to disable it. You can follow what you need to do from the video or go through the step-by-step explanation below.

1. If you want to disable Night Mode on iPhone camera temporarily or while taking a photo, open the Camera app and tap the yellow night mode icon in seconds at the top left or tap the upward arrow at the top. This will open the Camera quick settings. Here, tap on the Night Mode icon and swipe left on the exposure time dial that says “Auto” to find the turn off setting.

2. If you want to permanently turn off Night Mode on iPhone camera, you should follow these steps: Open Settings app. Scroll down until you see the camera settings. Turn on “Keep settings” in camera settings.

Enable “Night Mode” here. After that, if you turn off Night Mode in Camera as described above, Night Mode will remain off when you enter Camera again.