Best USB-C laptop charger

Once upon a time, buying a new charger for your laptop was torture because you had to find one that was compatible in terms of plug type, power and amperage. That era ended with the arrival of laptops with USB-C connectivity, as chargers are now much easier and cheaper to replace, and in this article we will tell you which are the best USB-C chargers on the market.

With the European Union’s new regulations regarding universal charger, USB-C is becoming a common interface for powering our laptops, hard drives, printers and even charging our mobile phones. With dozens of chargers around the house collecting dust in drawers and disappearing, not much is left over the years. That’s why we’ve prepared this article for you to choose the USB Type-C charger that best suits your needs.

What should be the maximum power of the USB-C charger?

Frankly, if you’re looking for USB-C laptop chargers, it’s because we assume you have a laptop that supports charging with this type of connection. Likewise, while we will choose models powerful enough to serve a laptop here, they all apply perfectly to charging your tablet, smartphone, or any device that supports USB-C charging.

As a general rule, the charger that came with your laptop, even the USB-C ones, is optimized for your laptop battery. However, while that is the general rule, there are many manufacturers that lack in this regard and do not include a charger with the maximum power supported by the device. Almost all laptops charged via USB-C have a maximum load of 60 watts (except for the MacBook Pro, which supports up to 96 watts of charging), so the indicator that you can increase your laptop’s charging speed is to look at the power of the charger; If it’s less than 60 watts, you can speed it up with a new one.

Most laptops that support USB-C charging have a maximum of 60 watts, so when looking for a USB-C charger for your laptop, you should look for a minimum of 60 watts. Many of the models you’ll see in stores have more power, making them compatible with Apple’s MacBook Pro, but they also have more ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Best USB-C laptop chargers

Below we’ve selected the best USB-C chargers for laptops on the market, in our opinion and experience, but as we’ve said before, that doesn’t mean they’re just for laptop use; Do not be afraid of their high power, they will work seamlessly with tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Baseus 120 W GaN

Baseus 120 W GaN

If you want to charge two laptops (or other devices) and a smartphone with a single plug-in charger, this is the ideal option as it can deliver up to 120 watts of total power. Of course, keep in mind that the maximum power varies depending on the devices you connect:

  • Single USB-C port: Up to 100W
  • Both USB-C ports: Up to 120W (60W each)
  • One USB-C and USB-A: 87 W on USB-C and 30 W on USB-A
  • All three ports used: 60W on first USB-C, 30W on second and 30W on Type-A

Compatible with laptops and smartphones with QuickCharge 3.0.

Nekteck USB-C 111 W

Nekteck USB-C 111w

This laptop charger plugs into the wall with a regular outlet, but then the device itself is separate so you can put it on the table. It provides up to 87W of power in a single USB-C port, and then can provide an additional 24W, 12W for both USB Type-A ports. Therefore, it is ideal for charging a laptop and several smartphones or other devices that need a USB connection.



If you don’t want to complicate your life and just want a USB-C charger instead of the one you already have, this model will be great for you as it’s pretty cheap and will give you exactly that: 87W of power in a single charge. One USB-C port for charging your laptop.



If what you’re looking for is a USB charger with a good price/performance ratio, you’ve already found it. This device offers up to 65W of combined power between the USB-C port and two Type-A ports and is ideal for simultaneously charging your laptop, smartphone or tablet with a single plug.