What app connects iPhone to PC?

The programs used to connect an Apple phone to a computer are Finder, iTunes, Apple Devices and iCloud applications. In this article, we will take a brief and detailed look at all these programs.

The first program used to connect Apple’s iPhone devices to Windows computers was iTunes. This year, Apple released its Apple Devices program to replace iTunes.

On Apple Macs, iPhones are connected to Macs and MacBooks with a program called Finder. Finder is already a native file viewer on Macs. Therefore, you do not need to make any further downloads.

On Windows PCs, there are some applications you can download. These are listed in Windows’ Microsoft Store application.

You can maximize your Apple experience by installing these applications on your Windows PC. Below you can find what these applications do in brief and detailed detail:

iTunes: You can connect your iPhone to your PC via Wi-Fi or via cable. In this way, you can back up your files, sync your photos, and update your iPhone.

Apple Devices: With this program that replaces iTunes, you can perform device backup, operating system updates and synchronization of files you have made in iTunes.

iCloud: You can use this application to check your iPhone’s iCloud storage from a PC. Thus, you can access your iCloud files seen in the Files application. Additionally, thanks to an add-on in this application, you can see the photos on your device in the Photos application.

Apple Music: With this application, you can use the music listening feature of iTunes.

Apple TV: With this application, you can benefit from the TV and series watching sections on iTunes.