What devices support 4K Netflix

Netflix supports 4K quality on many devices. To watch Netflix in 4K, you must have a package that includes watching content in Ultra HD quality.

You must also have a device with a 60Hz screen refresh rate that is compatible with Netflix’s 4K feature and an internet speed of 15 megabits per second or above. You should also set the broadcast quality to Auto or High in the application settings.

So, is it possible to watch Netflix in 4K on smartphones? Normally, Netflix can be watched in 4K quality on most devices with Dolby Vision and HDR10 features. However, when it comes to smartphones, things are changing.

Netflix does not currently support 4K streaming quality on smartphone apps. So even if your phone has 4K resolution, you cannot watch Netflix in 4K. In other words, there is no phone model that supports Netflix in 4K, because this feature is not offered by Netflix for mobile phones.