What is DDR6 ram?

DDR6 technology for RAM memory may reach users in 2026. Samsung’s roadmap includes the new technological breakthrough in memory modules. Most computers today still use DDR4 RAM, but DDR6 RAM may become available soon. How long until the next RAM memory standard is released? Will it be worth the wait? What technical improvements will it bring?

Samsung, one of the world’s leading RAM memory module manufacturers, officially announced that DDR6 is part of its roadmap during Samsung Technology Day. If the current schedule is maintained, DDR6 memories will be commercially available in 2026. However, DDR6 technology is still in development, which means that although there are planned specifications, these may change during the process. So, what kind of developments are expected to be brought by the technological leap?

What is DDR6 ram?

In terms of speed, DDR6 RAM is expected to provide data transfer speeds of up to 12,800 Mbps, and up to 17,000 Mbps in overclocked modules. That is, it is twice as fast as DDR5 and four times faster than DDR4. In addition to four memory channels per module. Regarding the technology, Samsung announced that DDR6 will use the MSAP process already used in some DDR5, allowing the creation of thinner circuits that can process data at higher speeds.

However, adopting DDR6 will almost certainly require upgrading the hardware infrastructure. This includes the release of new DDR6-compatible motherboards that will be designed with appropriate connectors and slots to accommodate memory modules. It may also be necessary to upgrade the chipset and memory controller to support DDR6 technology.

These components are responsible for communication and data management between the CPU and memory, so they will need to be adapted to DDR6 specifications. These changes may delay the launch or cause us to wait.

What will be the price of DDR6 RAM?

As for the price of DDR6, predicting the price of new PC components has become difficult in recent years due to semiconductor supply issues and other related issues. However, information from the launch of DDR5 predicts that the price of the 32 GB mid-range DDR6 will be over 300 euros when it hits stores. Let’s hope the prices are lower, we have to wait until then.

As for how it might evolve, it is worth noting that the price has fluctuated significantly since the launch of DDR5, but from April 2023 it is possible to find the same amount of DDR5 RAM for around half the price, with price tags such as €150.