What is frame limiter?

Frame Limiter can be used to limit FPS to reduce heat on the PC. Lower power consumption produces less heat, extending component life and preventing overheating.

Limiting FPS with Frame Limiter also balances CPU and GPU usage, preventing issues like lag, stuttering, and freezing during gaming and multitasking.

What is a frame limiter?

You should only limit FPS with a frame limiter if you’re starting to see screen tearing and possibly ghosting on your monitor.

If you’re starting to see screen tearing, consider using Frame Limiter to keep everything under control. Also enable Vsync, G-Sync or Freesync options to prevent screen tearing.

Your gaming experience may be ruined due to screen tearing. Therefore, you need to limit FPS to match the FPS output and refresh rate of the monitor. This process is called Frame Limiter.