What is Intel Core i5?

If you are thinking of buying a computer, you have probably heard about processors and come across the term Intel Core i5. You may want to know what Intel Core i5 is to get the most out of the computer you plan to buy.

It is important to choose a computer with an Intel Core i5 processor that will give you the best performance for the activities you will do. That’s why we tell you everything you need to know about Intel Core i5 processors so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is Intel Core i5?

Intel Core i5 processors form one of Intel’s leading processor lines in the desktop, laptop and workstation markets.

Intel Core i5 processors are the mid-range of the Core, ideal for mid-range usage activities at home and in the office, such as streaming music and movies, running some office programs, and editing at the same time. It offers a quick start and the ability to play 4K graphics for videos and games.

Intel Core i5 features

The latest generation Intel Core i5 processors offer features that increase the performance of computers.

Intel WiFi 6 PCs offer an incredible leap in WiFi performance. It provides increased traffic management as well as improved latency, anti-interference and enhanced security, ensuring we achieve best-in-class connectivity.

The latest generation Intel Core i5 processors are ideal for creating an entertainment center that can stream video in 4K UHD resolution, as well as support virtual reality and deliver excellent performance in high-performance video games.

The graphics architecture delivers an incredibly realistic and clear entertainment experience with the performance needed to play 4K resolutions and 1080p games. Next-generation Intel Core i5 processors with Intel Iris Plus graphics and Intel UHD graphics deliver an immersive visual sensation on laptops.

Intel Core i5 mobile processors with built-in AI optimize intelligent performance features that allow your PC to quickly learn and adapt to what you’re doing.