What will happen to 4G phones when 5G comes?

5G is one of the most anticipated technologies worldwide. 5G, as we all know, is the fifth generation internet network that offers a faster internet experience. We know how useful it will be for everyone on the Internet.

What about 4G phones?

4G phones are widely available to everyone and in all stores. This makes it difficult for people to switch to a 5G network, as 5G phones do not support 4G because they have a different SIM card configuration.

Just as 3G phones cannot benefit from 4G networks because they do not have a modem that uses the frequencies used by that network, 4G phones will not be able to use the 5G network.

Should we switch from 4G to 5G?

5G is a new wireless technology designed to be more efficient and therefore consume less power. The purpose of this technology is to transmit data at higher speeds using less power and reduce latency.

Speaking of transition, you may also remember the 4G era and its launch when 3G was widely available in the world. Everyone started and did switch to 4G.

5G was launched in 2019, but even 2 years after its launch there are still far fewer people using 5G phones. Most people don’t know how it works and how fast it really is. There are many companies offering the 5G network to some of their users to try, and some have officially launched it.

5G is not available for most countries, and even if they are available as hotspots, people are using 4G phones, which only provide performance on a 4G network. For now, everything is going well with the 5G network, and companies like Türk Telekom, Turkcell and Vodafone are testing and reaching out to experts to learn more about the 5G network in Turkey.

What is the difference between a 4G mobile phone and a 5G phone?

5G’s download speed exceeds 10 Gbps and has ultra-low latency of less than 1 ms. One of the main areas where 5G has a large-scale development impact is smart cities.

On a practical level, only at this level, the only theoretical difference that can be seen is the speed of downloading information from the Internet (and also uploading data). However, this speed is not always achieved, it depends on the availability of the 5G network where the phone is located at any given time.

However, there will still be no 5G coverage in most places and you will continue to browse on 4G. We won’t be able to fully enjoy 5G until there is a large enough 5G network, as websites and apps are optimized to work well with 4G.