WhatsApp is working on introducing usernames

Currently, if we want to have contact with someone on WhatsApp, we must have that person’s phone number or they owe our number. This is something that does not finish convincing many, because it is not exactly protecting the privacy of the user. Luckily, the app seems to be finally working on usernames.

WhatsApp will use usernames. Meta’s messaging app will take one of Telegram’s key features that most help protect users’ privacy. Usernames will be used.

WhatsApp usernames

WhatsApp accounts are based solely on phone numbers. If we want to have contact with someone, we must use the phone numbers to make this possible. There are times when we would prefer that someone not have our number, but there is no other way. This is different on Telegram, where we can use both phone number and usernames, so we can talk to people without them having our phone.

This is what the Meta messaging app is going to have as well. In a beta of the Android app, a new space has been revealed where users can enter their username. It will function as a unique identifier, so it will be what we use to let others contact us.

This is news that many WhatsApp users have been waiting for, since it represents an improvement in terms of privacy. In addition to allowing other people to be able to contact simply using a username, something that also helps make communication simpler and more direct in the app. At the moment it is unknown when these usernames will arrive in the app.