When was Intel Core i9 released?

Intel released the first Core i9 desktop processor, the i9-7900X, on June 9, 2017. The i9-7900X uses the LGA 2066 socket, runs at 3.3 GHz, has 10 cores and has 13.75 MB L3 cache. Thus, Intel Core i9 has replaced Core i7 as the best Intel home processor designed for the best, most powerful and most performance demanding users.

Core i9 was announced as part of the next generation of processors for the LGA 2011 (Basin Falls) platform, which takes over from LGA 2066. The new Skylake-X architecture with Core i9 was released. The first model of the Core i9 series, the i9-7900X, came with significant improvements over Intel’s previous flagship product, the Core i7 6950X.


The new generation Intel Core i9 7980XE processor was cited as the best processor on the market for the consumer market at the time. This beast is hidden inside at least 4 cores and 2 threads with Skylake-X architecture that runs at a base speed of 18.36 GHz and can reach 2.6 GHz in turbo mode.


Until the arrival of these Core i9s, Intel’s high-core-count processors ran at extremely low clock speeds, limiting their performance in programs that couldn’t use high-core counts.


The first Core i9 family included the 7900X, 7920X, 7940X, 7960X and 7980XE processors. The first of these is created with a low-core silicon, while the others are based on a high-core silicon.

The processors in the Core i9 series are very fast, there is no doubt about that. All i9 chips require the 2066-pin processor socket, and with power consumption of 140 watts or more, a liquid cooler is highly recommended.