Which OS is best for old computers

The evolution of technology is unstoppable and seems to have no end. In the early 2000s, having a 20 GB HDD was a real luxury, RAM capacity was less than 60 MB, and many games were installed using floppy disks with a capacity of 1.4 Mb.

Today, when we replace our mobile phone or game console every two years, the number of obsolete devices we end up with is endless. By installing a suitable operating system on old PCs, we not only avoid generating digital waste, but also make old devices that bother us reusable.

So, if you have an old desktop or laptop computer at home that you’ve already retired, or if you can’t afford a new one and want to extend the lifespan of the one you currently have, this might come in handy. Today we present you five operating systems for old PCs that will allow you to give that computer a second life.

Chrome OS Flex

chrome os flex

As always, if we talk about digital tools, Google comes up with some of its projects. What actually is Chrome OS Flex? As we told you, it is a cloud-based operating system that turns any computer, be it Windows or MAC, into a Chromebook, ultra-fast laptops from the Google brand. The biggest advantage of Chrome OS is the use of integrated Google tools; This allows us to use our computer almost without having to install any third-party applications, if this is our main purpose of use.

Another thing that is truly remarkable is that we will be able to access operating system updates regardless of the computer’s resources, so updating our computer with new Chrome OS updates will be simple and continuous. As a result, we can say that it may be a little limited in the installation of some programs or that it is not designed for gaming. Although there are some Chromebooks designed for gaming, it is not an operating system that actually bases its performance on gaming.

Zorin OS

zorin os

If you are even remotely involved in the world of technology and operating systems, you have probably heard of Zorin OS, and this operating system is appreciated for its versatility, ease of use and security, as well as the advantages it provides. It gives impressive speed to almost all the old computers in our home.

Since Zorin OS has paid great attention to the Linux-based operating system, it is no surprise that we have an elegant system without sacrificing any functionality, from full synchronization to compatibility with our mobile devices. Its requirements are minimal (from 1 GB RAM or 64-bit processor) and installation is very fast.

Winter Os

winter os

If you are looking for an operating system with which you can play games for your old computer, you should try Winter OS, an operating system that not only gives you speed, but also preserves the functions of your current computer and provides it with a support that allows you to play games without experiencing performance problems.

Winter Os is a Windows-based operating system that increases the speed of your computer. This operating system disables most of the Windows “secondary” functions that normally run in the background based on customization or monitoring to ensure that our computer’s CPU runs at minimum and consumes fewer resources. This not only means that we can give a second life to an old PC, but also that we can install it on an existing PC with good resources to further optimize it.

Moreover, since it is Windows-based, we will have great flexibility when configuring our computer, as it is still fully compatible with the programs we are used to. And that’s the beauty of this operating system; It is so customizable that it allows us to adapt our PC to what we need, and if our case is to make a PC only for gaming and we want to forget about any other use, we can disable all unnecessary drivers and be left with only what we want.

Endless OS

Endless OS

Endless Os was born for two main reasons: to reduce the digital divide between countries and to eliminate digital garbage caused by constant equipment change.

Linux-based Endless OS is an operating system designed for any old computer, regardless of the resources it has. In this way, the Endless project aims to enable the reuse of old and obsolete devices in the most developed countries in less developed or developing countries.

Endless OS comes with a bunch of pre-installed applications that allow us to use our old computer as a daily use tool whether we have an internet connection or not. It also has great ease of use based on intuitive systems.

MX Linux

mx linux

Linux reappears here once again, and the legacy operating system of the digital world’s most well-known penguin has a wide flexibility that allows developers to bring us almost custom-made operating systems.

MX Linux is one of the lightweight versions of Linux known for its stability and performance. It is notable for not using systemd and is based on the “Bullseye” Debian release, which experts say is one of the best releases of Debian so far.

MX Linux is designed to be truly lightweight and revitalize old PCs or laptops, giving them a second life and providing extra stability to any PC that supports third-party applications well.