What is a WiFi booster? How does a WiFi booster Improve Signal?

By 2023, an average of 3 devices per person and 10 devices at home are expected to be connected to the Internet. More than half of these computers will be connected via Wi-Fi. Therefore, you should consider that the signal will not always be perfect at all points. The good news is that there are devices that have the ability to improve coverage. Do you know what a signal booster is?

Wireless technologies work with specific frequencies. For example, the 802.11g WiFi standard works in the 2.4 GHz band, but today there are routers that operate on the 5 GHz frequency.

The higher the frequency, the higher the speed and quality of the connection. However, as the frequency increases, the penetration capacity decreases; distance, walls, ceilings and doors become a barrier that limits network performance.

A signal booster allows you to expand the coverage of the WiFi network. This makes it possible for the signal to reach places where the connection is often very weak. It is a router-like device that connects to a plug and is very easy to configure.

Here we present what its main features are and how to improve its performance.

Features of Wi-Fi signal booster

WiFi signal booster extends the coverage by allowing the signal to reach more areas; but it also increases speed by preventing congestion. This is very important considering that the number of connected devices in homes is increasing.

There are various devices that perform this function. Here we explain the features of state of the art Wifi signal boosters:

  • Wi-Fi networks. It has two WiFi networks, one 2.4GHz network and another WiFi Plus 5GHz network. So you can connect your most advanced devices.
  • Speed. Maximum speed and coverage thanks to 5G WiFi.
  • Internal antennas. How many internal antennas the equipment has for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.
  • Ethernet port. Equipment shall have at least one gigabit Ethernet port for LAN. If you want more speed on some devices, you can connect it directly to the signal booster.
  • Functions. It can be functions such as dual functionality, WiFi hotspot and WiFi repeater. If you have a traditional 2.4 GHz router, you can use the Smart WiFi range extender to create a new 5 GHz WiFi network. So you can enjoy higher speed.

How can you improve coverage using WiFi booster?

Regardless of the device brand, you can use a Wifi booster to improve your router’s signal. However, it must be properly positioned and installed to serve its purpose. Therefore, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • If the intensity at which your amplifier receives the signal is low, it cannot transmit it at sufficient intensity; then you will not reach your goal.
  • The signal booster should be placed within range of the router first, then check if the signal is strong. In case of Smart Wifi amplifier, when the third LED’s light is blue, it will indicate that the intensity is optimal.
  • Central location. Placing the signal amplifier outside the perimeter of the equipment that will benefit from its function will hardly work. For example, in a corner or in the basement of the house. Therefore the best alternative is to place it in a central area where it will distribute the signal well to the devices to be connected. You should try to place yourself in an elevated location, such as a router, free of obstructions and devices that could cause interference.
  • The rise of internet-connected devices will continue in the coming years. Similarly, connectivity needs in the home will intensify.