The best BL dramas 2024

BL or Boys Love is becoming a more popular genre now, especially for Asian television dramas. Its popularity has grown particularly rapidly in Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan, but has recently even spread to the rest of Southeast Asia. If you’re new to the genre, here’s our list of the 50 Best BL Series to watch in a row.

I’ve written a few articles about the best BL series and not only BL dramas from South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand are featured here. BL dramas are also popular in the Philippines and Vietnam these days. I’ve listed the best BL series you should watch. To be honest, it was very difficult to rank these BL series because some of them are equally good. If you’re interested in BL, I highly recommend watching these as well.

Not Me


Black and White are twins with a strong connection. After her parents separated, White’s father took her abroad, their family virtually split in two. It was only fifteen years later that White returned to Thailand—now grown up. One day, apparently out of nowhere, White feels an agony like death. He recovers in the hospital, but they cannot determine the cause. Then he gets a call from his childhood friend Tod. Tod tells him that Black is in a coma after a violent attack and learns that Black is a member of a motorcycle gang. Unable to endure the attack on his brother in silence and suspecting that one of Black’s close friends, Sean, Gram or None, has betrayed him, White infiltrates the gang under the guise of Black to root out the traitor.

A Tale of Thousand Stars, 1000 Stars


After a volunteer teacher dies in a tragic accident, her heart is transplanted into Tian. Through the diary, he learns the information that reveals the donor’s life, secrets and interests. Including the promise to count a thousand stars with Forest Chief Phupha. Tian then decides to follow in their footsteps and fulfill his promise. Tian, now a new volunteer teacher, tries to befriend Phupha, who was initially cold to her. As the two slowly approached, Tian realized that his new heart was beating faster every time he got close to Phupha. Like the previous owner of the heart, Tian falls in love with Phupha. Can he still deliver on the promise of a thousand stars while continuing to walk on dangerous ground?

Bad Buddy


Pran and Pat’s families have been in deep and heated rivalry since they were little, trying to outdo each other in everything. This was reflected in his sons as well. Comparing their son’s achievements and merits, whether academic or extracurricular, the two families got the rivalry out of whack. Almost the rivalry passed as a family heirloom, and the two children became rivals. That is… until they get tired and become friends. Really good friends. However, their friendship had to be kept secret because of their families’ rivalries. And so began a secret journey of friendship… and then maybe a sweet secret romance?

HIStory series


HIStory series is a large series going as HIStory2, HIStory3, HIStory4, HIStory5. You can watch them all. Here we will briefly talk about the version called HIStory3: Trapped. The story of a police officer trapped in the underworld while developing feelings for a gang leader… Four years ago, a veteran cop and an elderly gangster were killed in a gunshot attack. The sole survivor and under the protection of the dead gangster, the enigmatic and ruthless Tang Yi is now the new gang leader who will stop at nothing to find the killer and plan an elaborate trap to get him out of hiding. Honest police officer Meng Shao Fei is obsessed with finding out the truth behind this case, avenging his mentor’s death, and spends all his free time tracking down Tang Yi and trying to find out what he’s up to. Things start to change between Meng and Tang Yi when they are kidnapped together and forced to survive on a cold mountain.

Like in the Movies


GAYA SA PELIKULA tells us about Karl, a 19-year-old architecture student who is in the middle of an identity crisis. He is forced by his family to relocate before the start of the second semester of university to learn the family tradition of living alone. Pressured to have enough money to make a living, Karl takes on odd jobs online. But when one of his major clients suddenly leaves, they run short of funds. His neighbour, the mysterious Vlad, whom he despises for being inconsiderate, is forced to become his roommate.

About Youth


Ye Guang is an elite, popular high school student with good grades. Xu Qi Zhang, on the other hand, tends to fade into the background except when performing on stage with his group. Impressed by Ye Guang’s kindness to Xu Qi Zhang on one of the saddest nights of his life, Xu Qi Zhang is more than happy to return the favor when Ye Guang starts having a hard time with his family. But will this newly formed friendship grow into something more?

We Best Love


To like someone is not a simple thing, because… most of the time we dare not say anything! “If first place is the only way to get you to see me, then I’ll never lose you before you fall in love with me.” Zhou Shu Yi looked at the result and saw Gao Shi De’s name above him again. Ever since Gao Shi De came into her life, she had always been in second place. Therefore, he was excited to go to university and parted ways. He hoped never to see Gao Shi De again. He joined the swimming club in college and was respected by all. Gao Shi De was happily enjoying her college life until she suddenly appeared in her senior year swimming competition. This made Gao Shi De wonder why she followed him wherever he went. But he knew that Gao Shi De would never leave him.

Kieta Hatsukoi


Aoki is in love with Hashimoto, who is sitting next to her in the classroom. But when she borrows her eraser and sees another child’s name written on it, she despairs. To make things even more confusing, Ida sees Aoki holding that eraser and thinks Aoki is in love with her!



For Tin, the emergency medicine doctor who had to get used to such a situation and outcome, the sentence “cannot save the patient’s life” is not a strange sentence at all. But what happens when a young student is given second, third, and countless more chances to help him survive? Is saving the life of this young patient the only way to end the triage time cycle?

Vice Versa


Talay wakes up in the body of a man named Tess and meets the famous actor Puen again, who is now in Tun’s body as a result of an accident. The two have Phuwadol, a nurse who helps guide people from the same universe they left behind through their lives in this new universe. According to Phuwadol, they have a chance to be each other’s “key”, people who can help them get back to where they came from after they’ve completed what they had to accomplish.

Until We Meet Again


A freshman at T-University, Pharm (19) grew up feeling like she was always waiting for someone. Always filled with a wet face, fear of loud noises, and sad dreams that made him wake up with a birthmark on his temple, the boy always felt like there was someone he was missing. Dean, 21, the third year president of the T-University swimming club, has also spent his life looking for someone whose face he can’t remember. The red thread of fate that ties them together in their past lives draws the two boys back together once again, tying them together and a past that may not be worth remembering, with an unforgettable love. Because the red thread that connects two hearts will always lead one to the other.

Light On Me


Tae Kyung is an 18-year-old high school student. At the same time, he is constantly alone. But one day he begins to question his destiny and tells a teacher that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. The problem is, he has no idea how to start making new friends. The teacher advises him to join the school’s student council. She agrees, but discovers that making friends can be harder than it seems. He meets Council Vice President Shin Woo, who is cold-blooded and discreet but also somewhat cold towards her and reluctant to accept Tae Kyung. However, he also meets the super attractive Chairman of the council: Da On.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us


Sasiwimol is an extremely successful director. He has a friendly relationship with his young son, Wang. What will Wang do when he falls in love with his old friend Inthawut? In this age of variability, love, relationships, understanding, mother and son learn from each other. A friendship will change forever.

Manner of Death


Dr. Bunnakit is a medical doctor working in a city hospital. One day, after performing an autopsy on the body of a woman who appeared to have hanged herself, Dr. Bunnakit denies suicide as his findings point to murder. His conclusion suddenly makes him the target of someone very powerful. When an unnamed man breaks into her home and threatens to turn her report into suicide, Dr. Bunnakit does not take this threat seriously. But everything changes when one of his friends, a prosecutor, suddenly disappears. Dr. Bunnakit quietly conducts his own investigation to find out the truth. All clues lead to a suspect named Tan, who denies any involvement. Tan, Dr. He convinces Bunnakit to band together to find the real killer.

The Eclipse


Suppalo, the nation’s leading boys’ school, is tightly governed. A group of students calling themselves “The World Remembers” unite to challenge the school’s authority and demand their rights. The school principal Akk and his followers are tasked with deterring the rebel group. Then the mysterious new student Ayan arrives. Ayan enrolls in the school in hopes of finding the person who drove his uncle Dika to commit suicide. The only evidence that leads him to Suppalo School is his uncle’s old notebook. Ayan’s way of dealing with Akk’s reviews is to play games with him.

I Told Sunset About You


Teh and Oh-aew were best friends until their reasoning about a childhood event turned them into rivals. Years later, the two meet in a Chinese class as they both prepare to enter university with an interest in Communication Arts. Their reunion evokes complex and unstable emotions. The second season of the series is aired under the name “I Promised You the Moon”.

Semantic Error


Chu Sang Woo is a computer science student with a mind, rules and above all a solid understanding of what is right. As part of his college work, he is told to work on a group project for liberal arts, whereby the group must make a final presentation to pass the module. However, the rest of the group, about whom he knows nothing, decides to take care of all the work himself, so he decides to remove their names and do the presentation on his behalf. However, this situation spoils a person’s plans. The other, who is a design expert, is the opposite of Chu Sang Woo. Stylish, fun-loving and above all extraordinarily popular. He’s the closest thing to a superstar in college! But when his credit for the liberal arts project is stripped away, his grand plans to study abroad are suddenly blown up. He searches for Chu Sang Woo and is determined to torment him. However, when the two are forced to work together, a strange attraction begins between them…

He’s Coming to Me


Med, the gentle heir to a wealthy family, mysteriously dies on his birthday and turns into a ghost. He waits for someone to visit the cemetery before he can reincarnate for 20 years. However, her reincarnation plan completely changes when she sees Thun, a young boy who can see and talk to her at every Ching Ming Festival. A few years pass and Thun, now a college student, discovers that Med was murdered and promises to find out the reason behind Med’s murder and takes Med to live with her. After solving problems about Med’s death, the boys find themselves falling in love with each other, even though it’s clear that they will one day be apart.

Love Mechanics


When a young teenager woos Vee’s friend, Vee is forced to cut ties with Mark, vowing to love only one person in life. But God plays a joke on them and something happens between Vee and Mark. Mark chooses to hide and puts an end to it. But Vee doesn’t want an end with Mark. Mark loves Vee even though he knows Vee has a beloved girlfriend. Will the love between them succeed? When will desperation appear? What will Veee do?

His – Koisuru Tsumori Nante Nakatta


Nagisa is 17 years old and in her sophomore year of high school. Separated from his family and living alone in the beach town of Fujisawa in Kanagawa. She is a surfing enthusiast and works at a guesthouse bathhouse on Enoshima island in Fujisawa. Shun is the same age as Nagisa and visits Fujisawa for spring break. They meet and develop a relationship rather than friendship. However, Chika, the daughter of the surf equipment store owner, has secretly fallen in love with Nagisa.

To My Star


Actor Kang Seo Joon was once one of South Korea’s biggest and most popular stars, but his career is currently on the decline. Despite her decline in popularity, she believes she went through a change when she met and fell in love with a flamboyant young chef named Han Ji Woo.

Despite having wildly different personalities, the two get into a relationship. However, their love is threatened when the more conservative Han Ji Woo and free-spirited Kang Seo Joon realize that their perspectives on life, love, and everything else seem irrevocably different.

Cupid’s Last Wish


Korn and Win are childhood best friends. Conflicts ensue when Win’s father includes Korn in his will and gives him a portion of the family’s farm. Misunderstandings spoil their 22-year friendship. Their paths cross again when Win gets into a car accident with his sister Lin and wakes up to find his soul in her body. To return to his original body, Win embarks on a 7-day journey in Lin’s body to collect holy water from 4 temples across the country. The friend and foe of his journey is none other than his friend Korn.

Love in the Air


When clouds in the sky and pouring rain anger two troubled close friends Rain and Sky, he introduces them to Payu and Prapai, who are not only cunning rescuers but also storm the hearts of two best friends. In the warm spring, hot summer, lonely autumn and cold winter months, the war of love is about to break out. What would the love atmosphere be like? Which way would their hearts flutter, and which way would the loving air take them?



The mafia’s second son, Kinn Theerapanyakul, is attacked by an enemy, causing him to flee from them, until he meets Porsche Kittisawasd, a young student hired as a part-time waiter at an entertainment establishment. Porsche saw the event at the entertainment establishment, but paid little attention to it. But then… Kinn made an offer. If Porsche could save him from his enemies, he would have paid a certain amount in return. Porsche, a national judo champion with the best martial arts degree, decides to join in and helps Kinn escape. Because of his stunning fighting skills, Kinn wants to hire Porsche as his personal bodyguard. Porsche did not want to be a part of this dangerous world because it feared that the only person it loved, his brother Porchay Kittisawasd, would be hurt. Porsche accepts Kinn’s ridiculous deals and moves in with him.



Cha Si Won is popular with people wherever she goes. In her childhood, Si Won was bullied by her younger sister for being ugly. Since then, Si Won has worked hard to be handsome and has succeeded. Si Won, who is currently in college, had no doubt that she would become the most loved person on campus. But there is a man named Hyeong Da Un who has a perfect appearance, gets a straight A, comes from a wealthy family and even has a great personality.

Life: Senjou no Bokura


One day after school, the serious Ito and the boyish Nishi, who are trying to keep walking on the white line of the sidewalk, meet by chance. As time passes, Ito realizes that he is drawn to Nishi in a way that is new to him. Nishi, on the other hand, is frustrated that they can only meet on the sidewalk. Ito decides to act on his feelings and kisses a surprised Nishi who admits that they must walk side by side for a change. As their relationship blossomed in high school, through college years and maturing into adulthood, the sparks between them are undeniable. A deeply touching work that bears witness to loving spouses whose unchanging feelings must coexist in a world of changing realities.

Eien no Kinou


Koichi is cheerful and popular in class. Mitsuru is talented and not good at socializing. Two high school students are very attracted to each other because of their opposite personalities. But one morning, Koichi was hit by a truck in front of Mitsuru. Koichi stood up on the spot and smiled as usual, and although he was indeed “alive”, his classmates gradually began to forget about Koichi’s existence.

Where Your Eyes Linger


This drama tells the story of Tae Joo, the only 18-year-old successor of TB Group. Tae Joo, who has a wealthy family, good looks, and is often described as a handsome man in the spotlight, has nothing to worry about. His 18-year-old bodyguard, Goo Koo, has been trained in all different types of martial arts and is physically trained to have a strong body. He is also very considerate and his only friend is Tae Joo, while Goo Koo is the only person Tae Joo can trust and feels relieved next to him.

Dark Blue Kiss


The continuation of the story of Kao, Pete, Sun and Mork. Kao and Pete’s relationship has grown stronger, but they still hide it. Kao distances herself from her mother, and her mother’s fear of finding her focuses on her and her relationship. Later, her mother presents her boss’s son, Non, as a student who needs Kao’s lesson. When Non downplays his interest in Kao, it fuels Pete’s jealousy. Secrecy and jealousy put pressure on their otherwise flourishing relationship. Sun started to give up on his unrequited relationship with Kao. And suddenly more Mork appears around. As Sun pushes Rain to stay away from Mork, the young man’s uncontrollable behavior draws him in. Sun’s seriousness overwhelms Mork. Despite their constant conflict, the two begin to take an interest in each other.

My Tooth Your Love


A promising successful person, Jin Xun An is the head dentist at a dental clinic at a young age. One day, he is assigned by one of his seniors, Bai Qing, to treat his precious younger brother, Bai Lang. As Bai Lang sits in front of Jin Xun An, he looks at the man with a cold and cruel look. And even though a mask covers most of Jin Xuan An’s face, it only helps to accentuate his deep, electric eyes. Bai Lang then hears her gentle and soothing voice telling him not to be afraid. But almost suddenly, he’s stunned, his heart beating fast, and he finds a desperate excuse to run.

Theory of Love


Third is a filmology division and is a member of the Savage Team along with his best friends Two, Bone and Khai, but he has a secret. Third has been secretly in love with Khai for years. For three years he kept his love a secret in his heart, silently supporting and loving Khai knowing that there is absolutely no future between them as he is as honest as a street lamp post and also an absolute actor. Worse still, Khai has a “no dating friends” policy. How much more can Third quietly love Khai while watching Khai bring home a different girl every night? Third tried to see Khai as just a friend. But it failed many times. Because as easy as it is to fall in love, it is just as difficult to stop. Maybe even harder. Until Third learns a secret that completely breaks his heart. But when Third decides to stop, Khai decides to start.

Star and Sky: Sky in Your Heart


Having to go to the mountains with his friends Mesa and JJ after driving while he was disabled, Dr. Kuafah meets Prince, a volunteer teacher. The two hate each other from the moment they first met. Despite their differences, the more they argue, the better they understand each other.

Love Beneath the Stars


After that kiss on the field, Dominic and Luke are now entering a new phase in their relationship. But being in a homosexual relationship in an all-male Catholic school is never easy. Pressure from friends, parents, and school proves to be insurmountable obstacles to a stellar-destined relationship. Despite all that life has thrown at them, Dominic and Luke try to stay strong and keep their love going.

21 Days Theory


Q is an ambitious high school student who continues to lag behind his goals. Q meets golden boy X at an audition. X is a Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) delegate and school representative along with net idol Mook. The day they meet, X challenges Q to convince Mook to invite Mook to the net idol awards ceremony three weeks from now. The loser will have to fulfill the winner’s wish. X keeps his motives close to his chest, and Q is driven by the desire to succeed.

Boys’ Lockdown


Love in times of pandemic. While it’s definitely not the best time to go out, meet someone, and fall in love, Key and Chen find each other in the midst of enhanced community quarantine and bond in a way that surprises them both. As they get to know each other despite the restrictions, challenges, and even dangers arising from the pandemic, something very special begins to sprout between them. At a time when we have to stay away from each other, does love have the power to bind us together?

Roommates of Poongduck 304


A happy third-generation chaebol of Guemman Group, 29-year-old Ji Ho Jun receives an ultimatum from his father: he must live without money for two years and succeed as team leader in Guemman Group’s new business team. Ho Jun was kicked out of the house and moved to the villa he came to with a Ferrari. When he arrives, the owner of the villa, Seo Jae Yoon, ignores and mistreats him as a swampy man driving a penniless luxury car. However, when they meet as team leader and subordinate, it is revealed that they work for the same company. What will happen between them?

Star and Sky: Star in My Mind


Daonuea fell in love with Khabkluen in high school and confessed her feelings on her last day of school. However, it was politely declined. Now entering college, Daonuea discovers that one of her dorm friends is none other than Khabkluen. What happens when you stop loving someone and they start loving you?

Be Loved in House


Founded nearly 10 years ago, Seisei Studio is in danger of going bankrupt before Jin Yu Zhen, a brilliant person at the helm, emerges and becomes the new director. On the first day of his directorship, the studio’s mood changed completely when he enacted a single rule prohibiting romantic relationships and marriages among employees, and violation of the rule resulted in dismissal. To break the rule, the employees of Seisei Studio come up with a secret plan. An employee, Shi Lei, approaches Yu Zhen to inquire about this domineering director’s love life. As a result of various encounters, the dictator learns that the director still suffers from a past relationship and suffers from loneliness. Knowing that she still has a heart, Shi Lei begins to take care of Yu Zhen.

You Make Me Dance


Song Shi On is a college student specializing in contemporary dance. He was kicked out of the family home after a major argument and left with an emotional scar. He decides to follow his ambition and shares a penthouse apartment with Jin Hong Seok. This cold but careful man works as a debt collector at lender Chachacha Capital and has given up on his dream of becoming a pianist. As the two bond closely, the love of CEO Cha Soo Ryeon and the jealousy of senior student Jung Hun threaten to derail their fledgling love story.

Utsukushii Kare


Seventeen-year-old senior Hira tries to stay invisible at school, not wanting to keep her mouth shut and not reveal her stuttering speech to her classmates. Kiyoi Sou sees the world independently of the camera lens, until one day she walks through the classroom door. Its effect is instantaneous. Hira finds herself drawn to Kiyoi’s gravity, following her everywhere and taking care of her every need. Popularity comes easily to the beautiful Kiyoi, who is always surrounded by her classmates. He uses his status to get what he wants, giving orders around the boy who looks at him with big eyes and worships him like a god. Hira is content with just being in Kiyoi’s orbit and asking nothing in return… This drama is also known as My Beautiful Man.

Plus & Minus


It tells about the love and collision of two couples. No matter how far or close, they exist only for each other. Zheng Ze Shou and Fu Li Gong are good friends who have grown up together since kindergarten. Not only are they childhood friends, they even work for the same company, until an accident shakes them up. Kato Yuki, also known as X, is a free-spirited bartender and divorced Jian Ying Ze, who can’t let go of her past, runs a laundromat. One day, the owner of the laundry stumbles upon the colorful nightlife of the bartender. The two collide and gradually realize each other’s inner desires.



Type Thiwat is a handsome freshman with a passion for football and spicy food. Although he is a friendly boy, he hates homosexuals because he was abused by a boy in his childhood. Her life is turned upside down when the new academic year of college brings along a charismatic roommate, Tharn Kirigun. Tharn is a gorgeous, caring music connoisseur who is also openly gay.

When Type finds out about this, he is determined to leave the dorm as Tharn won’t be living with a gay man. Tharn is equally determined not to succumb to Type’s homophobic tantrums. What might be the outcome of their story with a gay and homophobic teenager who has to share a small space together for the rest of the year? Hatred? Or maybe love?

Why R U?


The Tutor is said to be ‘wise’ and rational beyond his age, while the Fighter is of the emotional type. They began to feel hostile to each other, but soon developed a close relationship. Saifah is a popular musician and often gets into mischief, while Zon, a science fiction writer, is shy but stubborn. He starts writing science fiction stories because of a claim he made with his older sister Zol. However, his writing is cut short when he is scolded by his family for not working properly. Later, when his friends tell him to steal an idea from his sister, he sees his name used with his enemy, Saifah, in his fiction.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter


The death of his parents forces a seven-year-old boy named Seo Hae Bom to move into an adoptive family with a young son of the same age named Jo Tae Seong. Seo Hae Bom admires Jo Tae Seong. He believes he has everything he doesn’t have: tall, handsome, popular, affectionate, and worthy of love and attention. Teeny Seo Hae Bom considers herself despicable and humiliated at the kindness of the family that took her in. However, things take a turn for the duo when Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong attend the same high school class. All of a sudden, they’re spending more time at home and school together than ever before. An unexpected romantic spark ignites between the two.



Tine is a very handsome college student and cheerleader. Sarawat is one of the most popular guys on campus and is also in the football and music club. When Tine is chased by her unrequited Green, she begs Sarawat to go on a fake date with her to chase Green.

Somehow, just like a story as old as time, let’s suppose that somehow it starts to come true. However, before they are “happily ever after”, there is the process of falling in love and the slow realization that they are somehow no longer pretending. Somehow they don’t want this in the first place and they resist.

Mr. Heart


Despite the fact that things never go her way, Sang Ha always manages to find a reason to smile. A member of the school’s track and field team, Sang Ha loves to run, but distance has never been her thing. For Sang Ha, sprinting is what brings him the most joy. Jin Won, on the other hand, is just the opposite. Jin Won, a record-breaking high school marathon runner, is on his way to becoming a marathon superstar. Determined to live up to the expectations of her coaches and colleagues, Jin Won cares about only one thing: running for her next race. While Jin Won struggles to maintain his record-breaking stats, his coach suggests Sang Ha step in to help as a pacemaker. Disappointed by the coach’s decision, Jin Won is forced to befriend his new partner, but with time and determination, the two runners realize that they share a similar passion both on and off the track. As the two grow closer, they begin to realize that their feelings for each other take an unexpected turn.

Fukou-kun wa Kiss Suru Shikanai!


Fukuhara Kouta is a college student with bad luck who causes problems wherever she goes. One day, she encounters Shinomiya Naoya, a student who is the opposite of she. Shinomiya decides to help him. Now, they have to be together all the time to split their luck between them.