Philips Android TV remote not pairing

There are several ways to solve the error that the Philips Android TV remote control cannot be introduced on the television, that is, it cannot be connected as a pair. The remote control on Philips Android TVs works both via Wi-Fi and infrared. While the TV is operated with infrared commands on the front of the remote, the keyboard and the voice command feature of the remote control on the back work over Wi-Fi.

For various reasons, the remote cannot be introduced on the TV, there is a pair problem, or even if it is introduced, it needs to be introduced again later. Realizing this can sometimes turn into a painful process. You can easily pair your remote by doing the steps here.

  1. Check the batteries. Insert lithium batteries into the remote. Make sure the (+) and (-) ends of the batteries are inserted correctly as marked inside the battery compartment.
  2. Clean the remote control sensor window on the remote control and TV.
  3. Check the TV power cable. Unplug the TV, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in and press the POWER button again. (this is a method that usually works very well)
  4. If used, make sure the fuse is not blown on the AC power strip.
  5. Make sure the TV output is not on a wall switch
  6. Make sure the remote control is in the correct operating mode.
  7. Make sure the remote is displayed in the Remote Sensor Window on the TV.

Philips Android TV remote problem

Televisions, as we know them, are much more advanced than they were in the 90s. The development of technology has brought televisions to a more advanced form called Smart TV. Smart TVs can surf the web, watch movies or play video games.

However, Smart TVs are like smartphones, they come in a variety of models, brands and features. Speaking of brands, Philips is a brand that comes to mind when it comes to Smart TV. A Dutch company headquartered in the Netherlands specializing in healthcare technology, lighting solutions and lifestyle products.

Philips offers a range of Smart TVs that use different pre-installed Operating System or Operating Systems. Smart TV is like a computer. They are working on Smart TV, an operating system that makes them what they are. For Android TVs, they are Smart TVs that run on an Android operating system. Sometimes the remote of the TV stops working with this operating system. This is hardware or software problem. With a software problem, you can solve the problem without replacing your remote. If the remote is broken, what you need to do is to buy a new remote.