Taxi fare calculation in Ankara 2024

You can use the Ankara taxi fare calculation tool according to the current 2023 price tariff to calculate how much you will pay while traveling by taxi in the capital Ankara.

Ankara Taxi Calculator

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When traveling by taxi from one location to another in Ankara, you can calculate how much the taximeter fee will cost on a kilometer basis. For this, write the distance to be traveled in kilometers and press the “Calculate” button.

Ankara Taxi Prices

Taxi fare increased in Ankara on 20 March 2022. The current 2023 taxi opening fee in Ankara is 7.50 TL, and the fare per kilometer is 6.00 TL.

20 TL is paid for the hop-on hop-off fee. This is the fare usually charged on routes shorter than 2 kilometers.

There are no turquoise taxis in Ankara like in Istanbul, only yellow taxis. In addition, a single tariff is applied, the price does not change at night.

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