Taxi fare calculation in Izmir 2024

Those who want to go from one place to another by taxi in Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, can use the Izmir taxi fare calculation tool, which is prepared based on the current Izmir taxi fares for 2024, to calculate how much the taxi fare will be. For this, it is sufficient to first select the type of taxi and then write the distance to be traveled in kilometers and press the “Calculate” button.

Izmir Taxi Calculator

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Izmir Taxi Prices

The current taxi opening fees and fees per kilometer for 2023 in İzmir are as follows:

The taximeter opening fee for the yellow taxi is 6 TL, and the fare per kilometer is 9 TL.

The hop-on hop-off fee is 20 TL for the yellow taxi. When going from one place to another, if you are going to travel less than 2 kilometers away, a hop-on hop-off fee is paid.

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