TopSpin 2K25 review

2K Games’ latest tennis title, TopSpin 2K25, features a comprehensive career mode and advanced mechanics that enhance the skill required to win the championship. Making a comeback after ten years, the game’s launch has been marred by some issues, raising questions about its value. This review delves into the type of tennis experience TopSpin 2K25 offers.

TopSpin 2K25 review

Regrettably, 2K Games fails to deliver a satisfying experience with TopSpin 2K25, unlike the NBA 2K series. Moreover, this experience comes with a hefty price tag of $59.99. Is it worth the purchase? Let us delve into why TopSpin 2K25 is considered one of the worst tennis games.

Even seasoned TopSpin players may find themselves overwhelmingly defeated in their initial match on the 2K25 court. Regardless of the time invested in creating a custom character, players are easily overwhelmed by even the most basic serves. Furthermore, the game’s online mode is plagued with issues.

TopSpin 2K25, akin to EA FC 24, WWE 2K24, and Madden NFL, offers a chance to indulge in professional sports fantasies. However, unlike those titles, which favor a fantasy-oriented approach, TopSpin 2K25 emphasizes the professional aspect. The MyCareer mode meticulously tracks your progress across several years, with training and management tasks that reflect actual matches.

To qualify for prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open, Casablanca Stadium, or other fictional courts worldwide, players must enhance their qualifications and maintain fitness levels. The grind required is reminiscent of EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team. Yet, this grind in TopSpin 2K25 tends to become monotonous and dull over time.

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TopSpin 2K25 gameplay

The shot timing meter in TopSpin 2K25 varies its pace based on several factors, making it challenging to return shots during prolonged rallies. Additionally, serving has evolved from a mere button press to a combination of analog stick movements. While previous titles in the series were thought-provoking, the current installment ensures that each point is a testament to skill and effort.

Similarly, the online multiplayer modes, which are slated for future release as free downloads, are crucial. In the realm of sports video games, the success of a title like TopSpin 2K25 hinges on its online capabilities. Engaging with the online community is essential to learn diverse playstyles and techniques, a feat that is somewhat hampered by the initial limited online features.

Both pay for the game and spend money in the game!

TopSpin 2K25 begins to falter when the in-game monetization model impacts the rest of the gaming experience. While not the most egregious example of microtransactions, it exhibits the same issues that affect many sports video games.

For instance, players can use in-game currency to advance their MyCareer progression. This might involve acquiring a new house via a special event, reducing travel time and ‘fatigue’ between tournaments, or buying ‘boosters’ for XP to expedite the sluggish leveling process.

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TopSpin 2K25 graphics and sound

The visuals set a high standard for the current console generation, with courts that are meticulously detailed and playing surfaces that show wear as matches progress. The game features lifelike recreations of tennis stars like John McEnroe and Serena Williams, although the initial roster is limited to 25 players, combining current athletes with legends. Notably absent are stars such as Nadal and Djokovic, but 2K has indicated that more players will be added.

TopSpin 2K25 marks a promising return after a lengthy hiatus, offering a solid foundation for the series’ revival. The future potential of the game hinges on the expansion of the character roster and multiplayer options. However, the game’s repetitiveness and lackluster elements currently detract from the experience.

The value players find in TopSpin 2K25 will vary based on their passion for tennis and their acceptance of in-game microtransactions. Despite the limited number of tennis games available, it’s encouraging to witness the comeback of a former leader in the genre.