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TopSpin 2K25 review

TopSpin 2K25 review

2K Games' latest tennis title, TopSpin 2K25, features a comprehensive career mode and advanced mechanics that enhance the skill required to win the championship. Making a comeback after ten years, the game's launch has been marred by some issues, raising questions about its value. This review...


The Expanse: A Telltale Series review

Telltale Games brought The Expanse series, which completed its six seasons on Prime Video, to the gaming world. This five-episode story from Telltale Games feels like a return to basics. Not only does this mark the return of the developer's signature episodic stories, it also marks the return of...


Desynced review

Desynced, which appears in the RTS automation and strategy genre, was released on Steam Early Access last month. Stage Games Inc. We're taking an extended first look at the game developed by Forklift Interactive. If you are looking for a new colony building game, Desynced is a game where you can...


Achilles: Legends Untold review

Achilles: Legends Untold is an action RPG under the richness of Greek mythology. In the game, we embark on an adventure in a world full of dangers and challenges, on a journey where we embody the brave warrior Achilles. In this review, we took a look at Achilles: Legends...


Enshrouded review

In our Enshrouded review, find out whether this survival action game, which launched in early access on January 24, managed to captivate and excite us with its exciting fantasy world or whether it left an impression. jP5sXVruxBM Enshrouded review Keen Games delivers an immersive action,...



EA SPORTS™ AND Codemasters have released the first WRC game under the official WRC license. The anxious wait ended after the rights of the World Rally Championship (WRC) were transferred to Codemasters. Take a look at the new WRC game, which offers similar gameplay to the Dirt Rally series, with...


Midnight Heist review

Developed and published by Media Tale, Midnight Heist offers a unique blend of excitement, suspense and strategy that will draw you into a world full of mystery and danger. In the Midnight Heist review on this page, we will explore what the game has to offer in terms of gameplay, graphics and...


Amnesia: The Bunker review

Amnesia: The Bunker is the latest in the horror game Amnesia series from Frictional Games. Frictional Games returns with a different setting for this new game and tries to reinvent itself so as not to follow the lines of the previous games. In this review article we take a look at Amnesia: The...


Meet Your Maker review

Allowing players to switch between the roles of the raider avoiding grisly traps and the builder who placed them there, Behavior Interactive's Meet Your Maker is a multiplayer game that makes death not an art but a test of your situational awareness. 0eevPWy9W2w Meet Your Maker review Meet...


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre review

Tobe Hooper's shocking 1974 film "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" gained an important place in the horror film industry. With the video game of the same name, publisher Gun Interactive and developer Sumo Digital made the Slaughter family the stars of the show. With this review we take a detailed look...


AirportSim review

AirportSim is a realistic ground handling simulator developed by MS Games and MK Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive. Developed by a dedicated team, this game aims to provide a realistic and immersive experience for aviation enthusiasts. In this review, we will explore...


Fae Farm review

Developed and published by Phoenix Labs, Fae Farm is a farming life simulation and dungeon crawling game. It's no secret that the farming simulation genre has exploded and expanded in recent years. Following the success of Stardew Valley, Fae Farm is the latest high-profile game in the genre and...

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