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What to do about pain in the knee

What to do about pain in the knee

Discover the types of knee pain, how to prevent them and what we can do to alleviate the discomfort


Best essential oils for nasal congestion

They have properties that help stimulate our immune system, so they are useful in these months when colds increase. The thermometer is already beginning to anticipate the arrival of the cold. Yes, we know that if we look at the calendar, it is what it is. But it's hard to get used to the sharp drop...

What is bronchiolitis

What is bronchiolitis?

Although it is a common disease in children under 4 years of age, bronchiolitis is causing alarm among many parents. We explain what this respiratory disease is, the most frequent symptoms and what its treatment is. Bronchiolitis is not a new disease, which has many parents and medical...


What is the importance of iron for the human body?

Having adequate levels of this element in our body is vital to maintaining good health. We all know that iron is important in our body, in fact it is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. It is essential to include foods that contain iron in the diet, however, for different reasons, some...


What’s a good remedy for bronchitis?

One of the most characteristic symptoms is coughing, although it can also cause difficulty breathing. We explain how it should be treated and which medicinal plants help Bronchitis is an inflammation that occurs in the bronchi, tubes of the respiratory system that allow air to be transported to...


How does breast milk taste?

Breast milk is the best food you can offer your baby, at least during its first 2 years of life. Each woman is different and, therefore, each breast milk produced will also be different. What's more, it will vary in quantity, flavor, density, color, and even smell depending on the moment of...


Benefits of rosemary oil for skin and hair

It is that this aromatic plant that we usually use to flavor dishes, known for its antibacterial and analgesic properties, also has benefits for the skin and hair. For this reason, many beauty products include this ingredient in their formulations: from toners that soothe the face, to shampoos...


What foods produce collagen in skin?

This protein protects against toxic substances, pathogens, environmental toxins, microorganisms and cancer cells.


What does biotin do?

Biotin is a group B vitamin, it is also known as vitamin H, vitamin B7 or coenzyme R. It acts as a coenzyme in many metabolic processes, greatly influences diabetes and generally improves the condition of nails and hair. It can be found under other names such...


CBD oil benefits for skin

Just like coconut oil works as a powerful moisturizer capable of boosting the brightness and luminosity of the skin and rosehip is highly recommended for healing and regenerating, there is a new oil that promises to revolutionize your beauty routine. We are talking about cosmetics with CBD, which...


What is Keratin and how is it made?

The external contribution of keratin can help improve the quality of hair, nails and skin. What is Keratin and how is it made?


What is dyslipidemia?

We analyze the causes and consequences of this lipid level disorder, which is related to cholesterol but is not exactly the same.

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