Tens of thousands of people rally in Kartal, Istanbul for secular, modern and scientific education

- Yorumlar

Tens of thousands of people came out to the Kartal Square in Kartal District of Istanbul this weekend, for secular, modern and scientific education.

The demonstration started at 1:00pm GTM+3, and took 2.5 hours. Alevi organizations, democratic education unions, non-governmental organizations and some political organizations were at the Kartal Square.

The Sunday demonstration came one day before the start of the new education season. Tens of thousands of protesters made it clear that they want government to accede to their secular, modern, and scientific education demands without delay.

“The world is round”

“No to commercial education”

Alevies were at the Kartal Square

“We won’t become disciples of AK Parti”

“Come to unite against political islam”

“Haziran summons against to the fascist dictatorship for the future of our children”

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